15+ Ridiculous Nail Fails That Will Make You Question People's Life Choices

We all know that nails can sometimes be the make or break to some people. Long, dirty nails literally make our skin crawl. But, there are some nails that really are okay.

There’s then another type of nail… the complete BIZARRE choices.

Here are 15+ nail fails that will make you question society a ridiculous amount.

1. Are these even remotely practical?

Can someone please explain what is going on here. We can all agree that Tetris is an unreal game. But, is this taking the obsession a bit too far? There is nothing attractive about this. The worst part is how impractical these must be. They look like they’re about to snap off at any second. Okay, I do admittedly think these look cool, but come on, really? It’s just too much effort.



2. Looks like a cave man

We know that faux fur is seriously in at the moment. Fur coats, fur handbags… but NOT fur nails? Who even thought about putting this on their nails? I can think of 50 million things that are wrong with this look. How do you even wash your hands? Text on your phone? Do things get stuck in it?! Too many questions….. and no reasonable explanation for doing something this ridiculous. I imagine that eating good gets these things proper manky. No such thing as a burger when you’ve got nails like this.



3. Who the f*ck puts acrylics on their toe-nails?

This person is delusional. And is also training to be a sloth with those long claws. Who else loves the ombre look of the green going into the the yellow and red? We can confirm that this person can only wear open-toed shoes so she can show off her snazzy nails. So, it’s some great art, but some terrible nails. I’d be terrified to go anywhere near this woman.



4. Looks like Barbie has exploded on those nails

This is what the inside of barbie looks like… And someone decided that this was going to be stuck on their nails. Can someone please call the Tacky Police because these are A W F U L.

How do you even get through a day with these on your nails without looking at them and throwing up? It must take some skill to be that tacky! Plus, what kind of job can you have where this is considered to be an acceptable form of uniform?

Like, if you can think of anything other than working from home, then I would love to hear about it.



5. ‘I’ve got eyes in the back of my head…. and on my nail’

‘This nail art looks really nice’ Said no-one, ever. I feel like not only is the nail pretty unpleasant but the idea of having an eye looking up at you from your hands is really unpleasant. What is the wearer of this art trying to say?

Can someone please tell me that this was a joke and no-one willingly did this to their nails.

Why on EARTH would you waste a pair of false eye lashes on a nail? Don’t even get me started on the ridiculous length of this nail too. RANK!



6. What do you get when you cross a cheese-lover and a deluded person?

The answer is in these nails. I mean, we all love cheese. What isn’t there to love about cheese?

But, you STILL wouldn’t get your nails done this tragically. And yes, those holes in the nails are actually real holes. At least you could hand stuff through these holes if you ever needed.

That being said, I’m into that cute little mouse they’ve got on their finger.


7. There are SO many things that are wrong with this picture

Firstly, how do you wipe you need to go? She also has NAMES on her nails… No one can actually understand why someone would punish themselves like this voluntarily.

This just seems like a HUGE inconvenience to her life. It’s ok though.. we all make mistakes.

But, have any of us made mistakes this huge? I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that none of my mistakes have been as large or as creepy as this woman’s nails.


8. HAHAHA! This reminds us of when used to try and do our own french manicures when we were in high school

We have all been there… the struggle to try and do your very own french manicure.

But, it was even WORSE when you had such short nails. This literally looks like she put pink nail varnish on the bottom and then scraped some toothpaste on the tips. All in all – not a good look.

I actually feel really uncomfortable looking at the top end of these nails. It looks like they’ve been scraped away and when I imagine that it makes a shiver creep up my spine. It’s horrible.


9. Do you think she likes fizzy pop??

Acrylics are really fine when they are done properly.

But, when you abuse your nail art skills to do something this horrendous you REALLY need to re-evaluate your life.

Think about how much TIME went into this!! Some of those drinks aren’t even that nice?

Big mistake.


10. ‘What do you want?’     ‘Just f*ck up my nails completely’

I think someone did this in a moment of impulse. But, when is comes down to living with nails like this, the regret is real. The pinky finger would literally stab someone.

I guarantee you wouldn’t get through airport security with nails like that because that, my friend, is a lethal weapon.


11. Somebody Likes Fruit Too Much












So, while I am far too unhealthy and really should be making lifelong changes to the way I live my life, I understand that healthy living is a lot more important to other people, with fruit being an important part of that healthy lifestyle.

That being said, I reckon you can like fruit too much, and this person is an example of that. Who likes oranges so much that they want to see them, or at least something that looks vaguely like them, every time they look at their hands?

12. What Even Are These?













This would be better if I could actually tell which Disney characters all of these are.

There’s a couple that I have no idea about, which makes me think that they’re probably not looking as good as they were hoping they would turn out. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me thinking that, but dear Christ look at how bad they are!

I reckon that these may have been done by someone younger than me, which does make me feel bad, but still, I reckon children need to be taught these harsh life lessons at a young age.

13. Some People Just Can’t Do Nail Art. They Have To Accept It.

















I am a human being who 100% believes that no matter what, if you put the time and effort in, you will be able to figure out whatever you put your mind to if it’s a passion that you want to make a part of your life.

However, the woman in the “reality” photograph probably needs to come to terms with the fact that she will never be able to pull off the impressive nail art that she wants to. She should find a new hobby to be passionate about.

14. A Mess Or A Galaxy?



















In a way, this makes sense, because what is more accurate to the galaxy than an absolute mess?

We’re nothing but a blip flying through an insane chaos that we can never truly understand or reign in to something that we can control, so if anything, this nail art better highlights what our galaxy is truly like than anything else I’ve ever seen. However, it could also just be that this person was hoping to create something a little more artsy looking and it’s sadly just turned into quite the mess. I guess you could call me an optimist.

15. Yeah, Nail Art Is Probably Only Meant To Stay On The Nail



















It’s called nail art, not finger art, so why is it that some of these pictures have people spreading the art across their fingers, the mess spreading over into places it should not be.

Maybe I’m being too strict on what nail art could truly be, but I feel like when I look at this picture, I don’t see an evolution more than I can see an accident. Maybe you disagree with me, but I feel like if you want to make a significant step forward in what nail art can be, I’d try and make sure that the step forward doesn’t take you off the nail.

16. What Is Even Going On?




















At least with some of the other pictures, I feel like I can sort of understand what they were going for. With this one, I have absolutely no idea what’s going.

It almost feels like this person forgot themselves about halfway through and just ended up throwing whatever they could find onto their fingers. Also, can we just talk about how that nail with the excessive amount of dark varnish on it actually looks really unpleasant? I want to take that hand to the hospital so we can cut the thing off before it gets any worse.

17. Is This The Wrong Kind Of Nail Varnish Or What?

















Oddly enough, this actually reminds me of when I went to the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam and was impressed by how close you could get.

You could see the various layers of paint that had been slapped onto the canvas, almost etching paint onto more paint, the thick swirls genuinely compelling me to go home and do something creative. That being said, I don’t much get of the same inspiration of this particular picture, but the insane layering of nail varnish certainly does remind me of the Van Gogh stuff. I wonder if he’d be proud if he saw such a comparison.

18. How Do You Even Do This Kind Of Thing?




















After looking at this many pictures of nail art in a row, all I can think about is the fact that I have literally zero knowledge of how this kind of stuff is done. Exactly how do you layer without the smudging?

What’s with the fact that the top one has such thin lines while the bottom could only manage thick. Odd really. I sort of wish I knew how to produce such beautiful nail art if I’m honest, but I’ve got fat fingers lets be honest. No way I could pull this kind of stuff off if I’m honest.

19. Even The “Good” One Looks A Bit Off Nail Wise
























Is it just me or is that nail in the above picture sort of bending away from the camera? Is this a Photoshop thing or do they just have dodgy acrylics set into their fingers?

That being said, that mess on the bottom is certainly much worse than the stuff on the top. It looks like a swamp of colour, almost like the sweat from the fingers has started to turn the nail into some sort of infection. Pretty grim to me if I’m honest. Sorry to put that image into your head reader!

20. This Is My Fave I Reckon