12 Hilarious Things People Have Woken Up To

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We have all been there, waking up, still drunk, to a pile of McDonald’s chicken nuggets, last night’s dress on the floor and a lot less money left in your bank. Sometimes, like this, we wake up to situations which we have created. But sometimes when we are asleep, some mischief occurs and we wake up, blissfully unaware of the mess we are about to find!

Whether it’s your fault, your kids doing or your pet’s mischievous ways, these moments leave you wishing you were dreaming! We have put together the internet’s funniest WTF moments that people have woken up to, leaving them questioning if they are actually still in a nightmare!

1. Is this real life or am I still dreaming?

This man woke up from his nap, only to find bambi and friends have taken a shine to his garden. There’s definitely something magical going on here.

So I Woke Up From My Nap And Ended Up In A Disney Movie


2. Pretty foxy

After a heavy night of drinking, this man woke up to this little fella attacking his trousers at his local bus stop. WTF?

Passed Out At A London Bus Stop. Woke Up To This


3. Unassuming friendship

“My and Greta’s friendship first blossomed when she used to knock on my back door every morning squawking for food. Yes I felt sorry for the old girl. One morning I wanted Greta to know just how much our friendship meant to me, so I serenaded her. The week after she laid eggs on my porch. We haven’t looked back since”. How adorable is this sweet animal – human bond…

Living Alone In Nashville, I Used To Wake Up Every Morning To This Gal (She's Wild) Squawking For Food At My Back Slider. One Morning I Serenaded Her With My Guitar. The Next Week She Made A Nest And Laid Eggs On My Patio. I Named Her Greta


4. Too attached

After stumbling home from a night out, this guy treated this little kitty to a piece of bacon from his post-night out pizza. Creepily, the cat followed him home. This is how he woke up.

Gave This Guy A Piece Of Bacon On My Way Home From The Bar Last Night. Followed Me Ten Blocks Home. This Is How I Woke Up


5. Noisy neighbours

“I was woken up by my noisy neighbours blasting Aerosmith outside my window. Turned out it was actually Aerosmith. Haven’t you heard of headphones lads?”

Woke Up To Some Asshole Blaring Aerosmith Outside My Apartment. Turned Out To Be Aerosmith


6. So cute!

Waking up to this adorable scene is truly a once in a life-time thing. Awww!

Woke Up To See These, A Fox And His Cubs Playing In My Garden

7. Good morning! Twit two!

This lady works and lives at a bird of prey centre. It came as a bit of a surprise when she woke up to this little face smiling at her!

My Friend Works At A Bird Of Prey Rehabilitation Center. This Morning She Woke Up With This Cutie On Her Chest


8. Heart warming!

This couple best friend had to undergo surgery on the day of their wedding. This is what he woke up to an hour before they said their vows!

I Went Through A Serious Surgery One Day Before My Friends Wedding. This Is What I Woke Up To At The Hospital One Hour Before They Said Yes To Each Other


9. Steaming…

This guy was obviously pretty smashed last night. He woke up to these police selfies on his camera roll. Bet he was just relieved he was in bed and not in a cell!

After A Blackout Night, My Mate Woke Up To A Ripper Selfie On His Phone


10. Terrifying

This is a like some kind of sinister scene from a nightmare. Go back to bed and stay there until its all over…

So I Woke Up To This Out Front


11. 666

A couple woke up to Satan coming in through their glass window.

Woke Up To This


12. Where am I?

“I woke up to this girl in a box of packing peanuts. What’s even weirder than the fact I don’t know who she is, is that I don’t know what I bought that warrants a box this big…”

I Wake Up At 2 Am To Find My Roommate Passed Out In A Box Of Packing Peanuts

Have you ever woken up to anything as weird as these before?!

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