12 Of The Funniest 'Dad' Texts

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Most of the dads we know struggle to use their mobile phones. They struggle to see the screen. Struggle to get onto the internet. Struggle with predictive text. They just struggle with most things technology related. When it comes to technology, our dads are often the butt of the jokes.

But when it comes to humour, most dads love to be the teller of the jokes. So, why not combine texting with their gags to show that 1. They are the funniest dad around and 2. They can actually use their phones.

We have drawn up a list of the funniest ‘dad texts’ on the internet. From the worst ‘dad jokes’ to the cruellest ‘dad insults’ to the best ‘dad advice’.

1. Chilled Out Dad

This dad is a pretty chilled out dad. Pretty modern father-ing going on here. Texting to come down for dinner instead of traditionally shouting up. Swearing at daughter over text. Being pretty chilled when he thought his daughter was coming out as a lesbian over text. And calling his own gender ‘dicks’. We love this dad!

Funny Dad Text


2. The Witty Dad

This is hilarious! We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a spider or a creepy looking insult, we all know that dad is there to get rid of it. It’s his primary job.

Funny Dad Text

3. The Banterous Dad

We love a dad who can handle their son’s banter. And we love it more when he can dish it back!

Funny Dad Text


4. Loving Dad

Surely parents must have a secretly favourite child. They must do! After all, we have a favourite parent…

Funny Dad Text


5. Dad The Party Animal

Nothing more embarrassing when your dad knows how to let his hair down more than you. Leave it out dad, your party days were over in the 80’s.

Funny Dad Text


6. The ‘talk’ Dad

We all shrivel up inside thinking about the ‘s.e.x’ talk with our parents. But imagine asking your dad to buy you condoms from the store… this father-son duo are a little too friendly!

Funny Dad Text


7. The ‘Mum and Dad’ Still Do It Dad

No-one wants to even think about their mum and dad doing you know what… but when your dad directly puts the thought in your head, it’s just plain selfish. *GIPS*

Funny Dad Text


8. Mug You Off Dad

You know it’s bad when even your dad makes fun of your bad luck with the ladies.

Funny Dad Text


9. Backfire Dad

When you think you’re setting your dad up but it backfires because he’s one step ahead of you.

Funny Dad Text


10. Sci-Fi Lover Dad

When your dad just loves Star Wars so much that he goes to all this time and effort…



11. Dad Talk

There’s a number of phrases parents will use just because they’ve heard other parents use. They use them so automatically that they don’t even listen to the kid’s responses. ‘Because I said so, that’s why’, ‘don’t do anything I wouldn’t do’ ‘As long as I know where you are’.

Funny Dad Text


12. Mum Joke…

… It just doesn’t have the same ring to it. But who says that banter should be left for dads? This mum had a go at telling a dad joke. Luckily dad quickly nipped it in the bud. Stick to the kitchen mum.

Funny Dad Text


Did these dad messages make you LOL?

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