12 Body Hacks You'll Have Wish You'd Known About Sooner!

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Let’s be honest, in school not many of us enjoyed our science lessons and biology was the one a few of us didn’t pay any attention in! So there’s so much of the human body we don’t know anything about.

Some body parts seem like they have no purpose and we go through bodily sensations that don’t make much sense either.

So we have come up with 12 body hacks that might get rid of your worries and confusion. Some of you may already know some of our hacks and some might surprise you.

We hope some of these tips come in handy if you ever come across any of these issues! But if not we hope you still find some of these interesting.

Welcome to your biology lesson…

1. Sneezing

Everyone loves the odd sneeze, but when you’re sneezing uncontrollably and you’re either in a crowded room or driving then there’s nothing you want more than to stop sneezing.

All you have to do it is push down on the upper part of your lip like you’re making a fake moustache with your finger. This should stop any sneeze!

2. Brain Freeze

We’ve all been there when it comes to wanting to get rid of brain freeze quickly, and every time it feels like it lasts for far too long. But if you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth then it will go away much faster! Don’t thank us now, thank us later!

3. Flexibility (Touching Your Toes)

There’s a few ways to improve your flexibility and you might think going to yoga is the way forward but if all you want to do is touch your toes then we have two techniques that should work.

Try reading a paragraph full of sentences backwards from end to beginning and that should allow you to touch your toes. If not, stand up and cross over your legs, then do a complete 360 degree spin landing back on your feet and then try and touch your toes again.

Weird isn’t it?

4. Clearing Blocked Sinuses

There’s nothing worse than having blocked sinuses and not being able to get all of the bad stuff out. When all you want to do is blow your nose but your sinuses have other plans for you! What you have to do is switch back and forth between pressing your finger in between your eyebrows and pressing your tongue to the roof of your mouth!

5. Struggling To Hear Someone

How many times do you have to say, “Sorry what did you say?” Before you realise theres a way to improve your hearing. I’m sure we’ve all been in a situation where we’re in a loud room trying to have a conversation with someone but can’t hear a word they’re trying to say.

To make their voices clearer, all you have to do is press down on your tragus (the middle bit of your ear next to the hole) and it will cancel out the peripheral sounds!

6. Avoiding Sleeping with Heartburn

If you eat your dinner late or have just managed to eat a big meal just before you go to sleep then you will more than likely suffer from heartburn. But to avoid this you should either not eat 3-4 hours before going to bed, or just lie down on your left side.

This allows the gastric juice to sit nicely and not float up esophagus which causes the heartburn.

7. Nosebleeds

No body enjoys a nose bleed! So whenever one strikes follow this handy tip to quickly put a stop to it!

Lean your head forwards a little bit and pinch your nose above the nostrils for five minutes. You’re waterfall of blood should have stopped!

8. Calming Anxiety

A lot of people are sufferers from anxiety so this may be a good tip to keep in mind whenever you’re having an anxious moment! If you’re feeling very anxious then try sticking in your thumb in your mouth. Instead of sucking it, try blowing out so that your cheeks puff outwards.

9. Burnt Tongue

Burning your tongue just as you start drinking your favourite hot drink or as you start your favourite meal is the worst feeling and feels like you’ve singed your tastebuds off.

If you ever burn your tongue, then swish some cold water around your mouth. This will prevent inflammation and help with fixing the burned tissue.

10. Stopping Hiccups

IF you’re like us, you’d hate the sensation of having hiccups and there has never been a known remedy to stop hiccups, until now!

To quickly get rid of this annoying feeling what you should do is inhale deeply then swallow twice and exhale through your nose. Jobs-a-gooden!

11. Feeling Constipated?

This might be a touchy subject but we know the feeling of sometimes not being able to get rid of your poops. But to avoid this problem, make sure your knees and feet are elevated like you are going into the squat position!

This is supposed to be the natural way for humans to poo apparently, but it definitely makes things easier.

12. Song Stuck In Your Head

We don’t mind having a song stuck in our heads, but when it’s one of the most annoying songs ever, then we want nothing more but to get it out.

We have two options for you! Try chewing chewing gum first, and if this doesn’t work then just accept that the song is in your head because the more you try and block it out will make it worse!


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