11 Incredible Images That Used To Be Part Of Our Daily Lives

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If someone asks you what your favourite movies of all time are, you are very likely to name some of the classic oldies, like Saturday Night Fever, Grease, The Goonies, Jaws and E.T.  What these films all have in common is that they are from the 70s and early 80s.  This goes to prove that these decades were head and shoulders above other eras.

Let’s take you back to those heady days, as we re-live our childhood and fill your day with nostalgia.  Don’t thank me – just enjoy the memories!

1  Lassie

Even the most cold-hearted of humans couldn’t fail to shed a tear at Lassie.  The stories always got to you and that Collie was the cutest dog ever.  That animal must have been the highest paid animal on TV!  Mom used to say that the only time I could keep quiet was when Lassie was on.

Campbell’s Soup Company sponsored the entire 19 year run of the show and, if you looked carefully, you could see their products in the background of each episode!

2  Huckleberry Hound

One of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time, Huckleberry Hound was epic in the way he spoke with a Southern drawl, so relaxed he could almost fall over. We saw Huck trying to perform different types of jobs, from a dogcatcher to a policeman.  He was also a medieval knight, a rocket scientist and a Roman gladiator – talk about variation!

All his jobs backfired but, by sheer luck (every week!), he came out on top.  I loved his trademark out of tune rendition of “Oh My Darling Clementine” which was enough to scare the other dogs away!

3  Paper Dolls

This really was a cheap hobby and one every young girl absolutely adored.  We would carefully cut out the paper clothes, making sure we didn’t cut off the paper tab, which folded round the back of the paper doll, to keep her clothes on.  You could get different themes, like national dress costumes or beach wear.  I have happy memories of doing this.

The only issue with paper dolls was if the tabs got bent and then the clothes would fall straight off the doll.  I had been known to borrow dad’s stapler to attach them.

4  Mr Sketch Scented Markers

Encouraging us to sniff marker pens was probably not an ideal example to be set but as we were using them, we kept stopping to sniff the fruit flavors. Each color had a corresponding scent, so red would be strawberry, blue was blueberry and brown was a shady root beer smell and I wasn’t too keen on that one.

Mr Sketch markers were awesome because they didn’t dry out for ages.  When they did, I would dip them in water and they would work again temporarily.

5  Wallet & Key Chain

This memory jumps out at me and smacks me in the face.  It seems like no time at all I had a rainbow wallet.  Whenever my aunt, from New York, come to visit, she would bring my sister and I a goody bag.  It was full of small gifts, individually wrapped and I found all this very exciting.  She didn’t have kids her own and liked to spoil us.

I got the rainbow wallet and my sister got the purse.  You could get many different rainbow accessories, such as this flip-flop, which was so cute.

6  Galaga Arcade Game

This was the coolest game in our local arcade.  Galaga was so popular, we had to queue up to play it, even though there was a row of 4 of them.  It was very addictive and I would come here as often as I could, always trying to improve my score.

The best was when I had double shooters in the bonus round.  These arcade games felt like the future had come to visit us and it was exciting.

7  Hostess Fruit Pies

My mouth is already watering as I think back to how good these pies were.  The chocolate pies were awesome when mixed with cherry filling as you had your very own Black Forest pie!  There was also a great vanilla pudding dipped in chocolate.

We were lucky to have a Hostess store a few blocks from our house, so mom regularly bought them.  The blueberry pie was scrumptious, except it left your mouth and teeth blue!

8  Fried Bologna

If appearances were anything to go by, we wouldn’t step within a mile of fried bologna, but as our noses took in the aroma of this delicious, quick food, we couldn’t help ourselves.  Mom wasn’t a great cook but even she had no trouble enticing us to the kitchen table.

Best served between two slices of thick, white bread with a bit of pickle and mayo, maybe a slice of tomato to make it healthy (!) and there you had it, a culinary delight!

9  Kojak

Who loves ya baby – well, we certainly loved Kojak.  We had all been hooked on watching Cannon and weren’t happy when Theo Kojak took over the time slot.  We needn’t have worried as we were soon engrossed in the cop show and made sure we watched it every week.

I suppose, the lollypop made Kojak more human and it was a damn sight easier than being in a wheelchair, like Ironside!  Mom surprised me when she said Kojak sang and danced, showing his talents in The King And I, with Deborah Kerr.

10  Bottle Caps

Just the mere mention of the word “bottle caps” has me licking my lips and salivating at the thought of these.  I spent my allowance money on orange and root beer bottle caps.  Grape flavor was pretty good, too.  I remember you could buy them at the concession stand at the ballpark, where we watched my brother play little league.

Bottle caps had a bit of a sour taste, surprising as the main ingredient was sugar, along with a heap of additives.  It’s a wonder we weren’t all climbing the walls, what with the number of bottle caps we ate at one time!


11  School Chairs

Why were we forced to sit on such uncomfortable chairs?  It was punishment enough to sit through lessons without the discomfort of this plastic furniture.  The seats were always grubby, whatever their color and they scraped and screeched along the floor, making my teeth go on edge.

The only good thing about the chairs was that you could easily stack them on top of each other, as we often had to do after school assembly.  Whenever I catch sight of these,  it transports me back to the classroom and the musty smell.

Which images bring back memories for you?

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