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Remember when Saturday morning finally came round.  Although there was no school that day, we would still get up relatively early to watch The Osmonds cartoon.  Donny would fall in love, at the drop of a hat, with a girl in every country the brothers visited.  I watched the show religiously, just so I could hear “Young Love”, “The Twelfth Of Never”. “Crazy Horses” and my all-time favorite, “Let Me In”.  That track, you may recall, was from the album “The Plan” and I played that LP literally hundreds of times!

Saturday afternoon meant visiting the roller rink, another highlight of the weekend.  I loved the loud music blaring out as we skated round and round, breaking off to get a soda and mini hot dog, a real treat for us back then.  Let’s skate back now and re-live the 70s and 80s – enjoy the memories!

1  Casserole Dishes

If you didn’t soak them straight away after use, you really had to scrub hard to get them clean – I know because that was part of my chores!  My sister and I had certain jobs to do every week in the house in order to get our allowance.  We had the same casserole set as in this image and boy, they were made to last.

They were stacked next to a set of orange pans, in the bottom cupboard in the kitchen.  Mom also had a giant frying pan which was really heavy.  It would have been cast iron, I think.

2  Drinking Glasses

My grandparents used to have these on display in their kitchen cabinet.  They were to be admired only and not to be used, except on special occasions, like birthdays and Thanksgiving.  My grandmother had funny ideas about not using certain stuff.  I mean, the glasses weren’t exactly valuable and thousands of American homes had them, but she insisted we used Tupperware beakers, in case of any accidents!

When these drinking glasses did make an appearance, we were told ‘not to mess around with them’ (whatever that meant).  After use, they were washed and dried so carefully, before being put back in the cabinet.

3  Dinner Set

There was no chance of breakages as this Pyrex dinner set was as tough as anything.  It would even bounce off the floor and still remain in one piece!  Most sets had bowls and plates to go with the cups and saucers, but an executive dinner service would have a matching butter dish!

My mom still has part of a set, which she uses to this day.  She also has 2 small Pyrex casserole dishes, which must be 45 years old.  They look a bit worse for wear as she cooks stuff in the oven in them and they’ve got burned bits engraved in the lid.

4  Tupperware

This particular image immediately transports me back.  Every household seemed to have one, as I’m sure you’ll agree.  Mom had a designated kitchen cupboard which was all Tupperware.  She was a sucker for buying the containers at Tupperware parties, in all shapes and colors.

As I rack my brains, I remember we had a Tupperware grater and slicer with a lid, salt and pepper shakers on a stand, as well as avocado green canisters for tea, coffee and sugar, not forgetting the egg separator, a must for every home!

5  Hawaii 5-O

As soon as the catchy theme tune started, we all sat down as a family to watch Steve McGarrett and co.  My two sisters and I would squash on to the couch, which wasn’t big enough for us, so we always ended up fighting.  Dad would get out a bag of pretzels and salted peanuts and we’d have these whilst we watched the elite task force in Hawaii.

The show usually opened with something like McGarrett being awakened in the middle of the night by an old girlfriend, who then hangs up in the middle of a sentence – riveting stuff!

6  Twin Tub Washing Machine

I can safely say this took up at least half of our tiny kitchen and made the noise of a small aircraft, when it was spinning.  It was such a faff to get the washing clean.  You couldn’t go out when it was on because you had to physically put the wet washing into the spinner.

You would probably note that the machine moved a good few centimetres from the start of the wash cycle, up until the end of the spin.  It had a mind of its own and the modern washing machine was invented not a minute too soon!

7  Ice Cube Tray

These metal ice cube trays were very 70s.  My grandmother had one and it had a lever to release the ice cubes.  Even though we use silicone ones now, the metal trays made ice cubes much quicker and they were nice and deep.

I used to make my own Kool-Aid cubes when I went to visit my grandparents.  I’d make them as soon as I went round and they would be done after lunch.  I’d put about 6 of them into a glass and then pop each one separately into my mouth.  Sometimes they stuck on my tongue and it was really painful.

8  Jiffy Pop Popcorn

Who remembers the commercial for Jiffy Pop Popcorn?  A genie appears and gives two kids Jiffy Pop to eat.  The slogan was repeated several times – Jiffy Pop is “as much fun to make as it is to eat.”  That was certainly true and I loved to make it.  I was always happy when I opened the kitchen cupboard and saw a few packets, stacked up in the corner, next to the potato chips.

There was an odd occasion when I burned the pan when making popcorn.  I soon got the hang of it though, with the quantities etc, and could hardly wait to eat it – it smelled so good!

9 Crock-Pot

Ours was orange with yellow flowers around the bottom of it.  I can still see it clearly to this day.  Mom thought all her Christmases had come at once when she got this beauty.  If I’m honest, mom wasn’t a great cook but everything that came out of the crock pot tasted delicious and we all wanted seconds.

There was nothing nicer than coming home from school, to be met by the aroma of a beef casserole and knowing you were going to enjoy every last morsel.  When I got married, I made sure I had a rock pot on the wedding list – I took after my mother in that I was also a rubbish cook!

10  Coca Cola Shirt

Who wore one of these?  Well, preppy kids did and so did wannabes.  I went along with the masses and had an oversized one.  I would roll the sleeves up to look extra cool.  I also had a pair of Coca Cola pants when I was about 14.  My brother went for the blue and white hat, as did all the crowd he went around with.

When I wasn’t wearing my Coca Cola shirt, I wore my other precious buy, my yellow smiley face sweatshirt!  As if the giant image on the front wasn’t enough,  I also pinned a smiley face badge on there, too, to look extra cool!

11  Candy Vending Machine

Excitement at its peak, deciding which candy bar to select.  They all looked so good so I used to put my dimes into the machine for the biggest chocolate bar I could get for my money.  Quite often, due to the popularity of the vending machine outside our local store, the item we wanted had run out, which was annoying.

I would try and eat the candy before I got home, or mom would try and make me save some for later.  Why on earth would I want to do that?  It was far too sensible.

Which images fill you with nostalgia?

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