10 Treats From A Bygone Era That We All Loved To Eat

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It’s a wonder I still have my own teeth, with all the candy I ate.  Fruit chews were so cheap and I would buy a dozen at a time, in different flavors.  I liked to pop two or three assorted ones into my mouth at the same time, to make up my own new multi-fruit flavor.

Then there was the jawbreaker as if we could ever forget.   It’s a wonder we didn’t cook on them!   There were different flavors in each layer before the candy finally dissolved in your mouth (after about an hour).  Cast your mind back as we remember the candy treats we used to enjoy.

1  Space Dust

I didn’t think any new candy could compete with Pop Rocks, but I was proved wrong.  Along came Space Dust, a crushed up fine powder – but wait, it tasted like crushed Pop Rocks!  Space Dust was an instant success and I remember buying it from our local store.  Some meddling grown-ups thought it resembled illegal drugs so the name was changed to Cosmic Candy.

2   Mr Bones Puzzle Candy

This has to be one of the best novelty candy ever invented.  I mean, you got the candy, the puzzle and the awesome plastic casket.  What more could any kid want?  There were so many uses for the ‘coffin’.  For those who needed their memories refreshing, Mr Bones arrived in candy pieces, shaped like bones, that could be put together to make a skeleton.  How cool was that!  I used to keep the Bazooka Joe cartoon papers in the red coffin.

3  Heide’s Chocolate Babies

These chocolate treats were unique in that they had the consistency of candy corn, but had a delicious chocolate flavor. They were shaped like babies, wrapped in blankets, which I accept was a bit odd but who was I to question them!  I’m not sure they gained the popularity of jelly babies, but the packaging made this confectionery easily recognisable, in the orange box.






4  Snik Snak

Snik Snak was good but, hang on, wasn’t it a rip off of the successful Kit Kit bar?  Seriously, who could tell the difference?  There was a series of wafers wrapped in milk chocolate and the only difference between Snik Snacks and Kit Kats was that the former had 6 smaller sticks instead of the 4.  I’m surprised there wasn’t lawsuit against them!  Anyhow, they were pretty tasty and, regardless of the rip off factor, I enjoyed them immensely.

5  Bonkers!

Everyone knew that ‘Bonkers!’ would cause giant mutant fruits to drop from the sky and kill you!  At least, that’s what 10 year olds like me were hoping would happen.”  It wasn’t the case, of course, but to be fair, I did have a vivid imagination when I was younger.  Bonkers were quite fruity.  There was orange, strawberry, watermelon and grape flavors to choose from and they were a bit like Starburst.

6  Prisms

Another long lost chocolate candy, brought back to the forefront of my memory by my older brother, who was a fan of Prisms.  They can best be described as larger than life M & Ms.  The chocolate flavouring was such that it didn’t melt in your hands, always a plus point.  Prisms were really popular in the 80s but trailed off towards the end of the decade as the real M & Ms took over.  It’s funny because some of my friends can’t remember these, but yet some of the others, of the same age, regularly ate them.

7  Candy Cigarettes

It was cool and grown up to smoke.  If you were a child growing up in the 70s, especially, this statement wouldn’t have made you even bat an eyelid.  Pop stars and movie icons were often seen, poised  with a cigarette and so us kids wanted to follow suit.  Candy cigarettes allowed us to live out the fantasy, without striking a match.  I would pretend to inhale and puff out pretend smoke, before devouring the candy stick.  Manufacturers stopped painting the orange bit on the end, making it look less like a lit cigarette, as it became apparent that real cigarettes were a health risk.

8  Go Ahead

Nestle’s Go Ahead bar wasn’t in the same league as, say, Snickers, but what was not to love about this chewy peanut butter bar.  The texture was to die for and I almost did die when I found out it was to be discontinued – noooooo!  I felt like marching over to Nestle’s headquarters and demanding it be reinstated  Seeing the image of this wrapper brings the memories flooding back.

9  PB Max

It took me a while to remember the name of this creamy peanut butter and oats cookie, tasting awesome with its outer chocolate coating.  Once the name came back to me, my brain went into overdrive.  I was;t the only kid taken with this sugary treat as, during it’s short run (don’t now if that was a p b!), it racked up sales of 50 million dollars.  The makers, Mars, felt there were too many peanut butter snacks, so took it off the market.  How dare they!


10  Gold Nuggets

A blast from the past.  I often bought these and filled the little tubes in my toy candy store with the gold nuggets.  I would sell them individually to my younger sister (well a girl has to make a living!)   I would keep the drawstring purse to store my hair slides and clip on earrings.  You can still get Gold Nuggets if you shop around.  They will be sure to store memories of a bygone era.


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