10 Of The Most Ridiculous Haircuts You'll Ever See

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We all fancy a change in hairstyle now and again. Something a bit different. Whether it’s a couple of inches off, a shorter back and sides or a few highlights, we all like to mix it up. What we don’t like, however, is too much change. Whilst we like to subtly alter our look, we prefer to be recognised on our way out as the same person who came into the salon.

So, if you’ve ever been disappointed leaving the hairdressers, after having told them ‘it’s great…I love it’ whilst dying inside… we have put together 10 photos which will make you feel pretty lucky!

Prepare yourselves… the hairstyles we’ve found are so bad, they have been made into these hilarious memes!


1. The Renaissance art do

Leonardo Da Vinci eat your heart out!

Say No More Haircut


2. The strawberry look

Hungry? No need to pop to Sainsburys. Dessert is on your head!

Say No More Haircut


3. Huh?

What on earth was this barber thinking?

Say No More Haircut


4. The make up brush style

This do looks like it is pretty high maintenance!

Say No More Haircut


5. Barcode do

We hope this poor man knows he is not fooling anyone.

Say No More Haircut


6. Simpson’s Style

Nothing like asking for a do which is like our heroes hair… David Beckham, Cristiano Ronaldo… Lisa Simpson?

Say No More Haircut


7. Church Hair

This multi-purpose do comes in pretty handy for weddings, the races and Sunday service!

Say No More Haircut


8. Female repellent

If you’re looking to detract female attention. Here’s the look to go for!

Say No More Haircut


9. Milky Tea

Are you a tea fanatic? Capture that precious moment the milk hits your cup!

Say No More Haircut


10. Shocking!

This guy’s trim and facial hair is looking almost too fresh, contoured and smooth. Is this even legal?

Say No More Haircut

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