10 Random Images To Prove How Good The 70s And 80s Were

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We didn’t really need to prove how good these decades were.  After all, we lived through them and have many happy memories of those special times.  We did a lot of stuff, as a family, day trips out, spending 3 hours over a game of Monopoly and watching TV shows together.  We even ate at the same time, around the kitchen table.

There were so many different hairstyles to try out, perming, crimping and back-combing to make our hair as big as possible!  We were walking around in our Scholl’s exercise sandals or knee high, white, vinyl go go boots.  Then there were crazes going around school such as the yo-yo, Pet Rock and mood rings.  Read on to find out what ticked the boxes, back in the 70s and 80s.

1  Beaded Purse

I felt so grown up when I finally got a beaded purse.  I couldn’t think what to put in it to fill it out and show it at its best, so I would stick in my big round hairbrush, my make up bag with every piece of make up I owned, my diary (which I was always forgetting to write in), plus my autograph book and multi colored biro!  The beads had a habit of falling off and mom was always sewing them back on.

Fringing was big, back then, and I was jealous of my sister who had a jacket with fringes down the arms.  She was always re-inventing her clothes with little adjustments, badges, embroidery and the like.

2  Bubble-Yum

This was definitely the best gum for blowing bubbles, without a shadow of a doubt!  Because Bubble-Yum was so rubbery, it made your jaw ache but the texture enabled you to make massive bubbles and that’s what counted!  I would take 3 packs with me for school at elementary in grape, banana split and apple flavors.

I don’t think I’d like know what the actual ingredients were in the gum, but I just remember after a few minutes it was hard work chewing it!

3  Brewster’s Millions

Any movie with Richard Pryor and I knew it was going to be awesome.  Brewster’s Millions didn’t disappoint and it was hilarious.  Spending millions in 30 days sounded easy but, if you are unfortunate enough to make money at the same time!!!, then it’s a hell of a lot harder.

I had the video tape of this movie and used to watch it every couple of months.  Even knowing the outcome didn’t spoil it.  I liked the fact I knew what was happening and I felt all relaxed and comfortable watching it ……over and over again.

4  Blondie

Blondie was one stunning lady.  She looked perfect, yet edgy and I tried to do my make up like her’s.  I ended up looking like I had 2 black eyes and mom shouted at me to get cleaned up immediately.  Funny how some memories stick in your head.  I bought her album “Plastic Letters” as it had my favorite track “Denis” on it.

I saw Debbie Harry recently on TV and she still looks amazing.  She’s written some new stuff which I was really impressed with.  I was thinking she may have had work done as she hasn’t aged much – or maybe it’s good genes!

5  McDonald’s Playground

One of the first McDonald’s playgrounds opened in Birmingham, Alabama, in the early 70s.  I know that for a fact as my cousins lived right up the road from it.  There was much excitement and it was a big deal for something like this to happen.  Whenever we went over to visit, I would spend the whole time at that playground and absolutely loved it.

You had to be flexible to get out of that thing, not that I ever wanted to leave.  Dad would have to practically drag me out, much to my annoyance.

6  Boss Hogg

Big character in the Dukes of Hazzard, Jefferson Davis, better known as Boss Hogg, was the greedy commissioner who wore a white suit and white cowboy hat.  He always smoked a cigar and appeared in every episode.  This show really reminds me of my childhood as it was on when I was very small and I remember my sisters and I had to keep quiet so mom and dad could watch their favorite program.
The theme song “The Good Ol’ Boys”, still sticks in my mind.  In real life, Boss Hogg (Sorrell Booke)  was a popular a
actor, appearing in many movies and stage shows.  He also had a mean singing voice.

7  Beans and Franks

Whereas kids these days wouldn’t give this dinner a second look, back then this was the bees knees!  It was a Saturday evening treat for us to have a TV dinner,  complete with chocolate cake, and I looked forward to one every week.  Beans and Franks was my favourite and I was happy to have this every time.

Mom had recently got a freezer and used to buy all kinds of nice things to stock it up.  Convenience foods were quite new so it was a novelty for us not to have to eat home cooked food.

 8  Plastic Charm Bracelet

In the 80s, costume jewelry was incredibly popular.  Plastic charm necklaces and bracelets were worn by most of us girls.  They were cheap and fun and I thought they looked good!  You could buy the clip on charms separately and swap them around with your friends.

I used to have Smurf charms and scented eraser charms, which were my favorite.  Sometimes, the teen mags would have free gifts of plastic charms which was exciting for me, who led a simple life!

9  Exercise Sandals

This was the best footwear ever.  Scholl exercise sandals were comfortable, good for your feet, fashionable and, most important of all, made a loud noise, like high heels, when you walked in them!  Mine had a red, leather front with an adjustable buckle.

The only downside to these beauties was that it was easy to stub your toe.  I know because it happened to me all the time, if I was running down the street or if I tripped over, when the leather had stretched.

10  Multi Colored Pen

Besides my main present, I usually got one of these at Christmas, with a bumper coloring book, which also contained puzzles and dot to dot pictures.  If you liked colored pens, then you were in for a real treat as there were loads of colors to choose from.  I acquired some black card which was perfect when using the neon green or white biro.

It was so disappointing when the colors ran out or dried up.  The muti colored pens you can get now, where you pull the  top color off to reveal the next one, isn’t nearly as good as the one from our childhood.  I want one now!

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