10 Random Childhood Memories You'll Remember All Too Well

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Do you remember how long it used to take us to do our hair?  Whether you were a guy or girl, it took ages to get it just right with hair gel and hairspray, maybe a bit of back-combing or crimping.  I would have my Saturday night disco clothes organised on the Wednesday before.  I would try various clothes on, have a dance around the bedroom and then decide if I was going to wear the plastic jumpsuit or not!

I would borrow my mom’s perfume and my sister’s jacket (without her knowing), ready for the big night.  Sometime, my girlfriends would come round to our house and we’d play some music first, often a bit of Barry Manilow!  Hope you enjoy these images from the past.

1  Big Hair

It could never be too big.  I spent ages in the process, borrowing mom’s heated rollers,  which she wasn’t happy about, back-combing and spraying half a can of Aqua Net over it, so it didn’t move a millimetre.  You could also get a body perm, which wasn’t like the tight poodle curls from the 70s, but a bounce at the roots, to stop it being flat.  It didn’t bother any of us that we all went around parading the same style.  It was the norm.

2  Krystal & Blake Carrington

Unless you were living on another planet, you would definitely remember this couple, from Dynasty.  Joan Collins, who played Blake’s ex-wife, managed to get into a fair few hair pulling fights with Krystal and we were glued to the TV, so much so that it was the most watched programme in the 80s.  The two women didn’t get on in real life so maybe no acting was required!

3  Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks were made by accident!  A food scientist was trying to design an instant soft drink but when he put sugar flavouring mixed with carbon dioxide in his mouth, it became exploding candy and that’s how we remember it.  It sizzled and fizzled in the mouth, as shown by Mikey, the little boy from the Life cereal.  I would buy Pop Rocks on the way home from the roller rink on a Saturday afternoon.

4  Life Cereal Commercial

If you cast your mind back to Life real, one name jumps out at you – Mikey!  “What’s that? Some cereal. Did you try it? I’m not gonna try it, YOU try it. I’m not gonna try it. Let’s get Mikey! Yeah! He won’t eat it, he hates everything. Hey Mikey! He likes it!”  I know I’m sad but some things just stick in my head.

5  Handwriting Practice

 This was an actual lesson at school, learning to write correctly.  We weren’t allowed to use a biro until we could form the letters with perfect precision.  Being left handed, I struggled and was the last kid in the class to be still using a pencil!  Thinking back, what a fat lot of use it did us as I can’t remember the last thing I wrote.  All I need is my cell phone and tablet and I can leave handwriting practice as a distant memory.

6  Mork & Mindy

How I adored this show.  It was funny and sensitive and beautifully acted.  Who would have thought Robin Williams’ first major TV role would have catapulted him to having the success he earned.  I can’t believe it was around 40 years ago that I watched this show.  I never missed an episode and I would often use Mork’s catchphrase to annoy my brother, “nanu nanu.”

7  Hopscotch

 Such a simple game, that only required chalk and a small stone to throw on to the numbers.  We all played it regularly through our childhood, as did generations before us.  We became experts at hopping and jumping!  We were always running around, on the go, hardly having time to gulp down our dinner when mom called us in.

8  Herbal Essence Shampoo

This was my regular shampoo when I was a teenager.  In fact, everyone in the house used it, so the big bottle came in handy. The scent was good, it made our hair squeaky clean and it was relatively cheap, so a winner all round.  As I got older, I started to use Flex shampoo and conditioner.  It had a very creamy texture and memorable smell that left your hair as fresh as a daisy.  Press was pretty good too.

9  The Donny & Marie Show

Following an appearance on The Mike Douglas Show, where they co-hosted for a week, Donny and Marie Osmond were offered their own variety show.  They were the youngest entertainers in TV history to front a show, as Donny was 18 and Marie only 16.  I looked forward to seeing them every week, especially Donny, who was becoming more and more handsome.  They had many hits as a duo, including “I’m Leaving It All Up To You”, “Morning Side Of The Mountain” and “Make The World Go Away”.  Marie also made history in her own right, reaching number 1 in the Billboard Country Music charts, with “Paper Roses” in 1973.  They were such a perfect family and I did wonder if their teeth were real!

10  Tickle Deodorant

For teenagers plus, in the 70s, there was a wide range of unique products, none more so than Tickle deodorant.  Because of the distinctive name and product shape, there were whispers about how suggestive it was, especially with the tag line, “Staying drier is nicer with a little Tickle!”  Also, the shape of the bottle caused comments, as you can wee understand!  However, it was a good product and available in various scents and unscented, which was great for me as I  was allergic to anything perfumed.


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