10 Hilarious Selfies Which Will Make You LOL

As self-portraits have become a little too outdated, and well, pretty expensive… selfies are now a big part of our lives. In 2013, the word ‘selfie’ was used so much it even earned a place in the Oxford English Dictionary!

Everybody takes selfies…if you don’t have selfies on your Instagram, you might as well become a recluse!


We’ve all had that rare moment where we check ourselves out in the mirror and are pretty darn happy with what we see. So we get our phones out to take a selfie. But, after taking about 50 selfies, we still can’t find that ‘right’ one.

To make us feel better about our unsuccessful selfies, we have compiled 10 of the weirdest and most bizarre selfies ever taken…

1. The Hungry-Camel Selfie

Stay safe taking your selfies and avoid any hungry, tourist-hating camels!


2. Bathroom Selfie

Always check, double check and final check your selfie background or you could end up having a mare like this amateur selfie-er… we hope he washed his hands!

3. Nudist Selfie

What’s weird in this photo is not only the extremely naked man but the fact that this woman has taken a selfie capturing everything… we don’t want to see that over breakfast!

4. Cringe

Who would sell that fridge magnet, who would even buy it? More to the point, who would take a selfie after having bought it….


5. Caught Selfie-Handed

We really hope this isn’t what it appears to be… something tells us that it is though.


6. A Mirror Never Lies

Mirrors can be used for all sorts of things… particularly catching out that CREEP who is right behind you!


7. Watch Out For That Mirror

This woman has no shame. We can see what’s happened here. You’ve gone for the ‘OMG i’m so cute, I’ve fallen asleep so easily’ selfie. We’ve all tried it. But none of us have quite gone to this extent. BUSTED.


8. Shameful Selfie

On the topic of lack of shame. When you see it… we don’t know if this lady has done this on purpose or by accident. But surely, it’s not hard to forget you’ve got a huge, full length mirror behind you?


9. Not Again!

Again another case of the ‘OMG i’m so cute, I’ve fallen asleep so easily’ selfie. This time the culprit a Christmas hatted themed male. GUILTY.


10. Pet Steals The Selfie

There’s nothing like finding that perfect selfie… but having your limelight stolen away from you ruined by your mischievous dog!



How bad are these! Do you have any embarrassing selfies which would rival the ones we have found?