10 Drinks All Americans Will Remember From The 70s And 80s

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Thinking about drinks, and more precisely, alcoholic ones, I remember trying Boone’ Farm Strawberry Wine.  I was 16 or 17 and got hold of it from dad’s chill box.  I took it to a party and hesitantly tried a sip.  It tasted like strawberry soda and I gulped two glasses down.  Was I ill – I was as sick as a dog and had a hangover from hell!

Dad tried to make his own beer from a kit once and had a bit of a mishap.  The bottles exploded in the garage!  Why don’t you get drunk on the memories of these bygone beverages?

1  Blue Stuff

Blue Curacao was the big blue drink of the 80s and you’d see many drinks out there that looked like this Blue Lagoon.  You have to remember, the 80s had a weird idea of what the future held, possibly more accurate in Blade Runner  than Back to the Future II, but we’ll have to see!

2  White Zinfandel

It shouldn’t be surprising that something sweet and pink and easy to drink would become hugely popular.  There wasn’t such thing as wine snobbery, which has escalated today.  There was even talk that White Zin might have shared some of the health benefits found in red wine, even more reason to drink it.

3  Kool-Aid

Kool-Aid Man was the mascot for Kool-Aid.  We all remember the gigantic pitcher, filled with cherry Kool-Aid, with a big smiley face.  He would smash through walls, yelling his catch phrase “Oh yeah!”  Mom would fill the flask that went with my lunch box with orange Kool-Aid.  Happy memories.


4  The Slippery Nipple

The ’80s was the era for novelty shots as well as sweet mixed drinks.  The Slippery Nipple was the most unapologetic combination of the two!  Invented in Queens, it was adored everywhere.  If you fancy making one, its equal parts Sambuca and Bailey’s Irish Cream, not forgetting zero parts shame!

5  Alabama Slammer

These guys could have been the liquid mascot of the excess of  the 80s, what with the motley crew of booze and sugar.  A mixture of Southern Comfort, Amaretto, Sloe Gin and Orang Juice made up this neon beauty.  My uncle had a drinks cabinet at home and he loved to make cocktails on special occasions.  I had a few under-age sips while my parents weren’t looking!

6  Hawaiian Punch

During the late 70s and early 80s, in order to boost the profile of  Hawaiian Punch, the Osmonds did a series of commercials, bringing a sense of maturity to the drink that had been around for so long.   There were some great flavors, such as pineapple (my favorite), guava, papaya and passionfruit.  There was nothing nicer than an ice cold Hawaiian Punch and a couple of cookies.

6  Eggnogg

The Eggnogg season started at Thanksgiving and ended after Christmas.  It was one drink even us kids were allowed.  Well, it was healthy, wasn’t it as it contained milk!  The best way to drink it was ice cold with cinnamon and nutmeg.  I can still remember the delicious smell, even now.

7  Tang

We always had this at home.  It was so easy to make up with a couple of teaspoons of orange powder mixed with a glass of water.  When I was about 4, I  would make my own drink and have to stand on a stool to reach the tap in the kitchen.  I read recently that Tang was selected for the menu on the early NASU space flights.  How cool was that!

8  Tab

This was a big 1970s drink, made by Coca Cola.  It was one of the first sugar free sodas around and there was a machine at the gas station where you could buy it.  It was ice cold and tasted like cola.  You could also get Tab Clear, which was caffeine free.  Once we got into the 80s, it died a death, to be replaced by diet Coke.

9  K B Lager

The was one of the most popular beers in the whole of America.  It was advertised everywhere and there were numerous TV commercials over the years.  Dad enjoyed a few of these when he had his friends round for a game of cards or to watch a baseball match on the small screen.

10  Snapple True Root Beer

Snapple Tru Root Beer was clear and fizzy and, above all, was really tasty!  It wasn’t as sweet as other root beers, which was a welcome change, but it was still sugary enough to be enjoyed by kids and give them a buzz.  Our parents didn’t mind us drinking it as it didn’t contain caffeine, like Pepsi.

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