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There are some things that you never forget about your childhood.  For me, I remember the excitement at getting my first proper bike, not a second hand one and not one to share, but my very own banana seat bike.  As my birthday falls 2 days before Christmas, I usually got “one present does all”.  It annoyed me when I was younger but I didn’t realise, back then, that it was going to be a more expensive gift, than if I had received presents for separate occasion.

I also remember getting my ears pierced when I was 14.  I had put it off for ages, scared at the thought, but al my school friends had their’s done so I felt I had no choice, or I would be left out of the crowd.  Also, it would mean my ears didn’t hurt from wearing clip-on earrings, which killed at times.  Check out these childhood memories and feel young again!

1  The Addams Family

A weird and scary family, who were somehow loving and soppy.  This was the reason why we adored the tv show so much.  Even as a young child, I wasn’t phased by Lurch or Morticia.  The presence of coffins and a cousin who’s hairstyle made him look like he was back to front, was funny and different to other stuff on the small screen.

I never expected the Addams Family to be made into a movie as I didn’t think it could capture the underlying warmth and humor of the characters, but I was proved wrong, thankfully.  It was brilliant!

2  Kiss

Up until 1983, we didn’t have a clue as to how the members of Kiss really looked.  They hid themeless under a mask of make up, very artistic and a talking point, which is what every band wants.  Gene Simmons founded the band and their following was mainly adolescent, heavy metal lovers.  However, there was more depth to them than met the eye as Peter Criss, the drummer, penned a love song to his wife, Lydia.   It was a massive hit and they acquired a whole new audience, including myself.

The die-hard Kiss fans were known as the “Kiss Army” and would turn up at the concerts in make up.  There was even a Kiss comic book, produced by Marvel.  Anything related to Kiss created big money and many companies jumped on the bandwagon.  I still wonder how they managed to prance around the stage in such high platform boots as I struggled myself, stepping on the sidewalk!

3  Old Maid

There were many card games around in the 70s and then there was Old Maid, the best one of all.  Sometimes called Odd One Out, layers pulled cards from each other’s hands, in an attempt to make up pairs.  The player left with the unmatched Old Maid loses.  It was simple, it was fun and it was addictive.

I had a few sets of Old Maid during my childhood.  Odd cards would get lost or my younger sister would borrow the pack, to play it with her friend, and then forget where she had put it.  I don’t think she did forget – she just liked antagonising me and winding me up.

4  Lassie

Even the most cold-hearted of humans couldn’t fail to shed a tear at Lassie.  The stories always got to you and that Collie was the cutest dog ever.  That animal  must have been the highest paid animal on TV!  Mom used to say that the only time I could keep quiet was when Lassie was on.

Campbell’s Soup Company sponsored the entire 19 year run of the show and, if you looked carefully, you could see their products in the background of each episode!

5  Dark Side Of The Moon

Was this one of the best albums of all time, or what?  My elder brother was a massive fan of Pink Floyd and, because he played this LP all the time, I learned to love it as well.  This was a big change for me as I was listening to Crazy Horses by the Osmonds during that time.

The album stayed in the charts for 741 weeks, over a 15 year period, from 1973 to 1988.  It sold 45 million copies, yes, you read that right, and was Pink Floyd’s most successfully album ever.

6  An Officer And A Gentleman

There’s nothing better, on a cold, rainy day, than sitting down, getting all cosy, and watching An Officer And A Gentleman, for the 10th time!  It’s an iconic movie, which I could watch over and over again, and enjoy as much as the first time.  I think drooling over Richard Gere was a big part of that!

Richard Gere thought the ending of the movie wouldn’t work because it was too sentiment.  However, as we all know, seeing him in his naval uniform, walking in and lifting Paula off the floor, with “Up Where We Belong” playing in the background, it couldn’t have been more right, if it tried.

7  Huckleberry Hound

One of the most iconic cartoon characters of all time, Huckleberry Hound was epic in the way he spoke with a Southern drawl, so relaxed he could almost fall over. We saw Huck trying to perform different types of jobs, from a dogcatcher to a policeman.  He was also a medieval knight, a rocket scientist and a Roman gladiator – talk about variation!

All his jobs backfired but, by sheer luck (every week!), he came out on top.  I loved his trademark out of tune rendition of “Oh My Darling Clementine” which was enough to scare the other dogs away!

8  Magnum P I

Magnum wasn’t just a private investigator; he was a real life heart throb, who we drooled over, during every episode.  Thomas Magnum resided at Robin’s Nest, the fictional beach front estate, in Hawaii.  I was interested in seeing his hairy chest more than him exposing the criminal.

Posters of this handsome devil could be found in all the teen magazines.  Tom Selleck was a model before he hit the big time and appeared in Pepsi Cola commercials, before he grew the moustache and found real fame.

9  Hot Wheels

Kids went mad for Hot Wheels and rightly so.  Originally made for kids, they stirred the interest of adults, who were keen to get their hands on limited editions.  In addition to the car, racing tracks were introduced and this is what made Hot Wheels all the more popular.

My brother and his friends would spend ages playing Hot Wheels in his bedroom.  If I poked my head round the bedroom door, he would shout at me to get out as it was only for boys!

10  Cereal Box Records

I couldn’t wait to finish my Tony the Tiger cereals so I could cut up the box and listen to “Sugar Sugar” by the Archies.  I’m showing my age here but I also remember Bobby Sherman and The Monkees.  The sound wasn’t great but the novelty value, for a young kid, was off the scale.

Around Halloween time, in the late 70, the Alphabets cereals had the Hitchhiker and Legend of Sleepy Hollow stories and I thought that was so cool.

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