10 British Kids’ Shows That Will Make You Feel Nostalgic

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There’s nothing better than reminiscing about the things you loved doing as a kid. And there is no better way to look back at your childhood than thinking about all the great T.V. programmes you used to watch. Whilst some of them were downright terrifying and quick frankly, not suitable for kids viewing, some were much more feel-good and child-friendly.

From The Demon Headmaster, which would scare us even now, to Bernard’s Watch, which we still wish was real life, Kid’s T.V. in the early 2000s, was definitely at its prime.

Even the game shows were pretty entertaining. From the high intensity Jungle Run to the creepy Raven, these shows aired in the good old days were guaranteed to get your heart rate going! Appearing on one of these shows was enough back in the day for you to reach primary school legend status. So, if you had a friend who was a contestant on 50:50, you were automatically one of the coolest people in school.

We have put together a list of the best shows to remind you of what they kids nowadays are missing out on!

1.  Fireman Sam

Fireman Sam’s jingle still rings in our ears! The brave hero Sam was quick to jump to the rescue of anyone in his hometown Pontypandy. This legend saved so many lives!

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2. Arthur

Another fictional favourite, Arthur and his pals were always up to something! We all got so immersed in the programme, we never actually realised that Arthur was a bear…


3. Blue Peter

It was everyone’s dream to own one of the pieces of gold dust: a blue peter badge. This feel good, arty and do-gooders programme was a parents favourite. But we all switched over to the Rugrats when mum had left the room.


4. Get Your Own Back

This gameshow was pretty brutal. From being dipped in baked beans to plunged in goo, contestants were able to truly par their friends, just for the laugh.


5. Art Attack

This arts and crafts show was pretty ace. It was always great to get the paints out after getting some inspiration and making a good royal mess of the house. We never really understood the talking head though.


6. Chucklevision

Rotherham’s favourite duo and our funniest kid’s T.V. pair (sorry Dick and Dom). ‘To me, to you’ quickly became a household phrase after this couple hit our screen and it would leave us laughing for days.


7. Brum

Whether he was tired and old, or just a bit of an attention seeker, Brum always left us feeling a little bit sorry for him.


8. My Parents are Aliens

On every Friday night, this show was a massive treat. Full of sci-fi entertainment and school banter, this show quickly became out favourite.


9. Bernard’s Watch

Bernard’s unbelievable skill of being able to stop time got us out of all sorts of sticky situations! We wish we had his watch, to this day!


10. The Demon Headmaster

This programme is actually terrifying. But as a kid, we loved to get a bit scared, even if it left us with nightmares, we could not miss an episode of this!


We love feeling nostalgic about these programmes! Wasn’t CBBC the best!

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