16 Awkwardly Funny Kids Toys You Wouldn't Want Your Children Playing With

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As we make our way into adulthood we quickly learn that children’s programmes have a lot of adult content in them. These are light-hearted jokes that only us adults will understand – usually, this is so that it is entertaining for the parent as well as the child when sat watching these programmes.

But, we never thought that the toys we’re buying for our kids would have these rude puns slotted in there too.

Imagine your child running up to some of these in the toy store and begging you to buy them…. you would be EXTREMELY embarrassed.

Here are 10 of the most poorly made kids toys in the world that leave you asking a lot of questions…

1. This is certainly a weird one

Would you purchase this for your kid?

2. You ok Winnie the Pooh??

Well this is one way to modify one of the world’s most famous cuddly bears!

3. Are you sure that’s steam?

Thomas the Tank Engine naturally produces a lot of steam. But, it weirdly doesn’t look like steam when it is made out of plastic…

4. An inflatable…

We are not sure you’d want to be blowing this up any time soon…

5. That’s one way to position all the toys in the packet

They really have a way of positioning all the toys in this packet, don’t they? That is one way to teach the kids about the circle of life.

6. So the water squirts out of his mouth?

The location of the pump is bad enough, but does that mean you have to fill up the water gun through the hole in the bum area?!

7. Well they really paid attention to the detail here!

It seems like a lot of thought has gone into this toy. They have really gone into as much detail as they possibly could with this toy!!

8. Who has this much hair on the BACK of their legs anyway?!

Also, it is advertised as a baby. This is SO creepy!!

9. That’s definitely one way to represent god…

If you wanted to teach your children about the different religions of the world, then this probably isn’t the best toy to buy them.

10. These sword bubbles

That is one way to blow up some bubbles. Kids are so innocent and wouldn’t see anything wrong with this… it’s the parents and how their minds work that make it look quite odd!!

11. There are simply no words to explain this one

If your child pointed this toy out to you, you definitely wouldn’t be buying it for them… would you?

12. Giant sperm

This isn’t anything innocent… it definitely looks like a giant sperm with a big blue bow on the head. Definitely a weird one!!

13. Well….

Would you buy this for your kids? It looks quite brutal to be perfectly honest…

14. Is this something you want to be introducing your kids to at such a young age?

We can all admit that pole dancing is a fine art and a lot of strength goes into it. But, would you want to buy your children a doll that looks like this and introduce them to this at such a young age?! I don’t think so!

15. We liked Malibu Barbie… but we aren’t too sure about knock-off teen pregnancy Barbie

They brought this doll out to show that teenage pregnancy isn’t a bad thing. But, it isn’t something that we want to encourage our kids to be doing… is it?!

16. This child seems to be holding this Hitler look-a-like toy very tightly

It appears that this is one of her favourite toys. We’re not sure how the parents should feel about this!

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