Researchers Say That Messy People Who Swear & Stay Up Late Are More Intelligent

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According to researchers, people who swear a lot are smarter than people who don’t. So if you’re a fucking potty mouth, it’s suggested that you’re a bit of a fucking genius and your curse words mean you have a higher IQ than a lot of people. It was previously believed that those who swear have limited vocabulary, but this new research proves that theory wrong. In reality, those who don’t use swear words are the ones who have limited vocabulary, because they intentionally use fewer words.

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The study, by Kristin L. Jaya and Timothy B. Jay from Marist College in Massachusetts said:

“A folk assumption about colloquial speech is that taboo words are used because speakers cannot find better words with which to express themselves: because speakers lack vocabulary.

“A competing possibility is that fluency is fluency regardless of subject matter – that there is no reason to propose a difference in lexicon size and ease of access for taboo as opposed to emotionally-neutral words.

“In each study, a set of 10 taboo words accounted for 55-60 percent of all taboo word data. Expressives were generated at higher rates than slurs.”

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People took part in a study to prove, the theory wrong and results showed that people who could name the most swear words in one minute tended to have a higher IQ. The study showed that a rich vocabulary of swear words is a sign of rhetorical strength rather than the attempt to hide words.

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Are you a bit of a night owl as well? Another study shows that people who stay up into the early hours of the morning are pretty damn clever. Scientific research has linked night owls with higher IQ scores. President Obama, Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, Keith Richards and Elvis Presley are all famous for staying up very late.

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Satoshi Kanazawa, writing for Psychology Today, claims: “It is therefore reasonable to infer that our ancestors must also have limited their daily activities to daylight, and sustained nocturnal activities are largely evolutionarily novel. The Hypothesis would, therefore, predict that more intelligent individuals are more likely to be nocturnal than less intelligent individuals.”

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Another study showed that more intelligent children tend to grow up to be more nocturnal adults than less intelligent children. The results showed that children with IQ less than 75 tend to go to bed at around 23:41 on weeknights in early childhood and children with IQ of more than 125 go to bed around 0:29.

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And there’s even more good news, if you’re a messy person, ANOTHER study claims that messy people are also more intelligent (not sure about that one) BUT if you’re up late most of the time, swearing surrounded by you’re own mess then you’re probably a genius and you don’t even know it. All of those times your mum used to shout at you for being messy & swearing too much, you can turn around and tell her about this study. You could be the next Einstein.

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 Psychological scientist Kathleen Vohs says: “Disorderly environments seem to inspire breaking free of tradition, which can produce fresh insights. Orderly environments, in contrast, encourage convention and playing it safe.”

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A study taken at the University of Minnesota suggests that people with messy desks and areas tend to be smarter. So if you don’t spend much time cleaning and organising everything are you, you’re probably spending time concentrating on more important stuff. Studies also show that messy people tend to be more creative. Messy people tend to generate more creative ideas and a messy environment also links to breaking free from conventional thinking and attitude – leading to the ability to create new concepts about many things we take for granted.

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GREAT day for all you swearing, messy night owls out there!

Here are a few facts you might not have known about night owls:

1. Morning people aren’t healthier.

Ben Franklin, that jack-of-all-Founding Fathers, once advocated for a lark lifestyle in a famous saying: “early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.”

BUT a pair of epidemiologists at Southampton University did a study on men and women who’d been surveyed a few years before on sleep patterns as well as measures related to health, wealth and wisdom. There were 356 larks and 318 night owls, the night owls had larger incomes and better cars. Each group scored roughly the same on a cognitive test and showed no differences on health tests.

“We found no evidence … that following Franklin’s advice about going to bed and getting up early was associated with any health, socioeconomic, or cognitive advantage,” the authors concluded. “If anything, owls were wealthier than larks, though there was no difference in their health or wisdom.”

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2. Night owls are better in bed.

Evening types have proved to be better in bed. A study taken at the University of Education Heidelberg in Germany, teted 284 men for their sexual behaviour. Whilst both larks and night owls got it on as much as the other, night owls reported more partners but were also closely linked to infidelity.

Researchers wonder if “a high activity during evening and night may honestly signal a better performance in sexual activity because most sexual activity in humans takes place around bed time.” 

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3. Night owls are more partial to bad habits.

Night owls might be a little more vulnerable to substance abuse. A number of studies support these connections, they showed that more night owls than larks smoked and took drugs. People are more likely to partake in bad habits when they’re out late.

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