Proof That Both Petite and Plus Sized Woman Can Rock The Same Outfit

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Proof That Both Petite and Plus Sized Woman Can Rock The Same Outfit

Women across the world feel in constant competition with each other. We often find images in magazines of two equally beautiful women wearing the same dress, captioned: ‘WHO WORE IT BEST’.


So, when two women wear the same outfit and they both absolutely rock it, it’s always great to see. In the last few weeks, during a photoshoot, a plus sized model and social media personality, Alexa Phelece, wore a bathing suit which was also worn by a petite XS model. Both the women looked AMAZING and the swimwear appeared online to show the world how beautiful they BOTH looked!

Phelece admitted that she felt a bit insecure about wearing the swim suit, because she has seen a size 8 model donning the same one. However, she plucked up the confidence, put on the swimsuit and posed for photos, before posting the photo on Instagram.

She shared the photo, where she compared herself next to the XS model, and commented with the caption “Both are models – both are wearing the same swimsuit – LET’S NOT FORGET: BOTH are beautiful – BOTH should be treated equally – both should be able to love their bodies.”

Phelece commented on the similarities between the two models, suggesting that both of them should be body confident.

In view of this recent Instagram post, we are looking at eight other times women rocked an outfit, regardless of their shape!


1. Sideways stripes

Horizontal stripes are notoriously difficult to pull off. But both of these women, who come in different sizes, are absolutely working this look.

Horizontal stripes


2. Bright leopard print!

Both colourful and patterned, these girls look gorgeous as they both pull off the difficult combo of print AND colour!

Bright Prints


3. Who says crops are only for slimmer frames?

Its a great time of year to rock jeans and a crop. Wear them while you can before it gets too cold! These ladies look equally as fab showing off their super gorgeous bellies! Crop tops FTW!

Crop Tops


4. Double denim

The dreaded double denim, this could either go really right or really wrong. Luckily, both these ladies have got it spot on!

Double Denim


5. Bodycon beauties

Many women tense up at the word ‘bodycon’, but both these figures rock the dreaded bodycon will absolute ease! And we think they are looking amazing!

Bodycon Dresses


6. Working it!

You simply cannot go wrong with a play-suit. You can dress it down or dress it up, simply wear one for any occasion! Classy and stylish, we think these women are looking FIRE.



7. Wear bright and stand out!

Instead of sticking to those boring dark, winter colours, these women show us just how good bright colours can look! Don’t be shy to pull out that purple or red to brighten up the winter months!

Bright Colours


8. Be confident!

Confidence! The most important thing a women can wear is confidence. If you feel good, you are guaranteed to look good! Phelece has become a great role model for young women over social media and we love how much she can teach us on body confidence! Keep rocking it!


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