Morrisons Shoppers Are Going Mad For Their £10 Bargain

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Morrisons’ latest deal will send meat lovers crazy. The supermarket is selling a two-kilogram box of fresh meat for only £10 but if you want to get your hands on one, you’ll have to be fast! They’re available now but only while stocks last or until this Sunday.

This bargain comes with a whopping two-kilograms of fresh meat. Morrisons swore they would only sell British meat, so there’s a guarantee that it’s come from the UK. The pack contains a variety of different meats, including eight pork sausages, steak mince, four pork loin steaks and some lean diced casserole steak.

Be sure before you buy that you’re going to eat all of the meat, as you don’t spend money on food that will go to waste. However, this is the perfect offer for a huge family cookout or a big dinner party.

The offer saves over five pounds if you were to buy each product individually. The saving is so good, Morrisons are expecting it to sell out very quickly, so be sure to get yourself down to the supermarket early.

This isn’t the first time that Morrisons have had a great deal on their meat this year, as they had some serious bargains on during the summer. One of the most notable offers was a whole 1lbs beef burger for only £3. The company also wowed customers earlier this year when they introduced an impressive foot-long sausage roll that was literally double the size of the Gregg’s equivalent.

However, if you don’t have a local Morrisons or fancy a different deal, there are alternatives that you could definitely try.

Marks and Spencer have started offering a bigger meat box for a total of £35. The introductory offer means that it’s selling for five pounds cheaper than normal (down from £40). The box weighs well over 2200g and includes eight different types of meat. In the deal, you’ll find four different types of steak, as well as Aberdeen Angus beef mince and burgers.

They also offer a bigger pack for £40 and a luxury box for a total of £65. But what is most interesting is that while it may seem like a lot of money, it actually works out cheaper than most supermarkets do, including Asda. Surprisingly, it would cost a grand total of £42 at Asda for the same products as M&S’s £35 box.

It’s also worth mentioning that you can keep these meats in the freezer, meaning you could be making meals from the same box for weeks.

Customers have been really impressed with the deal from Marks and Spencer, explaining that they normally don’t even check the supermarket’s offers as they’re often associated with being really posh and expensive. Which proves that it’s always worth shopping around for a good deal, especially when you want to buy in bulk.

Muscle Food is usually a great place to check out, especially when trying to buy in bulk. Not only do they have award-winning produce and have everything prepared by British butchers, but they also regularly have some incredible deals on. The only downside is that you need plenty of space in your freezer, as some of the packages you can buy are huge! For example, they offer an enormous 100 piece ‘slimming lean hamper’ which will have you covered for months.

So now you’ve got a few examples of where to get your protein kick, be sure to get yourself some before these amazing deals end. If you know some meat lovers that would go crazy for these offers, be sure to SHARE with them!

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