Jeff Brazier Comforts Terminally-Ill Mother With Just Two Months To Live On This Morning

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Jeff Brazier comforted a mother with just two months to live on This Morning today as Holly Willoughby fought back tears in a heartbreaking phone-in. The TV presenter tried to help Theresa who sobbed as she revealed her children face losing both their parents in the space of just a few months.

 Holly and Phil insisted all the callers would be getting professional help

Jeff was in a similar position as he was left as a single dad to two boys after the death of his former partner Jade Goody in 2009. He was brought onto the show to answer questions from viewers and the first phone call was from a mum-of-three named Theresa.

 Jeff Brazier tried his best to help the distraught caller

She told Jeff, Holly and Philip Schofield that her husband died recently and she has just been given two months to live. Theresa sobbed as she revealed her kids are going to be left as orphans and they are refusing to accept her terminal diagnosis.

 Holly Willoughby looked upset as the caller revealed she has just two months to live

Jeff remained in a calm manner and tried his best to give advice to the caller, who became distressed as she admitted one of her sons was having a particularly tough time accepting the news.

 Jeff stayed calm and attempted to give Theresa some advice

Holly looked like she was close to tears as she tried to calm Theresa and told her to stay on the line as the production team are keen to give her advice and get her some help.

Phil added: “We will talk to everyone and Theresa is top of the list.”

 The TV hosts tried to contain their emotions during the heartbreaking segment

As expected, the call left many viewers in tears as they expressed their feelings on Twitter and described the call as utterly “heartbreaking”.

One wrote: “Gosh my heart just shattered listening to Theresa @thismorning #ThisMorning hope u can help her and the family…”

Another added: “My heart is breaking for that poor woman  #ThisMorning.”

A third wrote: “Omg #thismorning got me like  I can’t imagine how she must feel. #staystrong.”

Today’s show hosted a phone-in about grief after a moving interview with Rio Ferdinand, who described raising his kids alone after the death of his wife.

Rio Ferdinand has finally opened up about his romance with Kate Wright by revealing he’s “in a relationship” and it’s “going really well”. The footballer appeared on This Morning yesterday and was spotted without his wedding ring for the first time since his wife Rebecca died of cancer.

 Rio Ferdinand was seen without his wedding ring on This Morning today

Kate Wright, 26, is Rio’s first relationship since the tragic death of his wife Rebecca, who lost her battle with cancer aged just 34 in 2015, leaving him to raise their three kids alone. He kept their relationship out of the spotlight for as long as possible, but they have recently started to share snaps of themselves together online.

Rio, 38, has spoken out about their relationship for the first time, telling hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Schofield that he is finally happy again.

 He has been dating Kate since late last year

He said: “I’m really happy, the kids are happy.

“I’m in a relationship and it’s going well. My kids deserve to be happy.”

He also stated that he made sure his children were involved in all his relationship choices and were involved in “any decisions that affect their lives”.

Image result for ferdinand and kids

Rio said: “They have to be part of that conversation [about my relationships]… There has not been any stage in this relationship they have not been part of.

“From the introducing… I will always make sure they are part of any conversation that can affect their lives.”

 He spoke out about his new romance and was spotted without his wedding band for the first time

During the show, Rio also opened up about allowing himself to cry in front of his kids after spending years bottling up his emotions. He has been encouraging his youngsters to be honest about their emotions as they continue to mourn their mother.

 Rio married Rebecca Ellison in 2009

The former Manchester United and England football star has also vowed to say “I love you” to all his family and friends after admitting he didn’t say it enough to his wife or his mum, who died earlier this year.

 The former footballer kept wearing his ring after his wife died

Rio said: “I never saw affection and love [growing up]… [As a footballer] if you saw any guys showing emotion that might mean they’re not good enough…

“[I worry about not saying I love you enough]… They are the things that will keep you up at night and stick around…

“Now I am not making the same mistake with my kids, my kids [the people] I love to know exactly how I feel about them.”

 Rio announced the death of his beloved wife in May 2015 in a heartbreaking statement

Kate and Rio grew close with each other last December but deliberately kept their relationship away from prying eyes. They were first pictured together in Portugal and Kate has shown her closeness with Rio’s children and sister Sian on social media.

 Rio shared his first picture of him and girlfriend Kate Wright with pals and family members including his half-sisters Chloe, Anya, left, and Remi Ferdinand, right

Kate also shared a picture of herself cuddling Rio’s daughter Tia, six, in a picture from their family holiday in Portugal. Kate, who quit Towie this year, has now walked away from the spotlight entirely in order to help raise Rio’s three children Lorenz, 11 and Tate, nine and daughter Tia, six.

 Kate Wright was seen cradling Rio Ferdinand's daughter Tia, six

She said: “I’m taking a step back from the public eye, I want to keep my life private as I lived my previous relationship on Towie, my priority right now is Rio and the family.”

Kate will no longer be working with her showbiz agent as she turns her back on the industry, also cutting ties with several brands.

 Things are getting serious between the pair as Rio recently met Kate's mum

A friend said: “Kate left Towie because she wanted to be away from the limelight.

“But interest continued to be sky high and she struggled to visit the gym and go on holiday in peace.

“She hopes having no links with brands and no longer being on TV will help give her the quiet life she longs for with her new family.”

 Kate now wants to embrace the quiet life

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