Eastenders Fans Are Convinced They've Uncovered A Grim Murder Plot

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Plenty of Eastenders fans are sure that 7-year-old Lily Fowler is actually trying to kill poor baby Arthur. To make things worse, they’re convinced she’s trying to put the blame on her mum. The schoolgirl told Carmel Kazemi that her mother is hurting the baby, which she already suspected, though some fans are certain she isn’t telling the truth.

In a shocking episode, Lily told her Grandmother, Carmel Kazemi, that the bruises on Arthur’s arm were caused by Stacey, her mum. While this confirmed Carmel’s suspicions, it made some of the audience think that Lily was lying and that it’s actually Lily who caused them as she wants her brother gone.

Shocked fans tweeted immediately after the episode:

Lily is definitely the one giving Arthur the bruises. Can tell she wants Arthur out of the way.

Another fan said:

Called it, Lily is the one who give Arthur the bruises. Lily you evil child, we all know it was you.

Others joined in, adding that the little girl was also the one responsible for giving the baby her mother’s pills:

Why do I feel like Lily is lying? I can’t help feeling Lily did the bruises and gave him Stacey’s pill too yana.

This fan summed up how many viewers are feeling:

Lily is such a liar! Little brat for framing your mum.

After having an argument with Stacey over what they count as neglect, Carmel was horrified after finding bruises on Arthur’s arm and began to break down. Bonnie Langford, the actress who plays Carmel, did a great job of making the viewers feel her pain.

Carmel and Stacey had a tough conversation after their fight early on in the episode. With Stacey claiming:

I feel like my entire life is under a magnifying glass – I make a mistake people think I’ve lost the plot again,

Once the two of them had calmed down and resolved things, Carmel offered to look after Arthur while Stacey took a nap. It was then that she discovered the bruises on the baby’s arms, only a day after he had been released by the doctors. He had been admitted to the hospital after overdosing on his mother’s bipolar medication.

Stacey, who is brilliantly played by Lacey Turner, did not react well when the doctors figured out what was wrong with Arthur and told her that it was actually due to her own medication.

When I saw the notes, we had only been looking for the most obvious causes. Putting Arthur’s symptoms together with his blood results and this looks like someone who has overdosed on bipolar drugs – your bipolar drugs Mrs Fowler.

The show has taken a shift in tone recently as executive producer Sean O’Connor took over from Dominic Treadwell-Collins. O’Connor decided to have a much stronger focus on realism and the effects of what these characters are going through. He explained that this is how the show originally started out when it was created by Julia Smith and Tony Holland.

EastEnders has always had a distinctly different tone from the other soaps but over time we’ve diluted our unique selling point. I think we need to be ourselves and go back to the origins of the show and what made it successful in the first place. It should be entertaining but it should also be informative—that’s part of our unique BBC compact with the audience. It shouldn’t just be a distraction from your own life, it should be an exploration of the life shared by the audience and the characters.

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