20 People Who Messed Up More Than You Can Imagine

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1. Errmm…

I wouldn’t like to be there when this guys mum comes home to find that her sons not only stuck in her ceiling but that she will probably have to pay quite a bit of money to get 1) her son out of there and 2) get the hole in the ceiling and floor fixed. I have so many questions about this, how did he actually make a hole and get stuck & is he trying to eat something?

2. Waterslide gone wrong.

Apparently, this waterslide was in someones back garden and there was a load of rocks next to the waterslide where this guy landed. He was okay but he broke ribs, his left arm and had a few lacerations. OUCH.

3. Never run with a knife in your hands.

You always get told by your parents never to run with a sharp object in your hands, I guess this little guy didn’t listen to his parents & thought, what the hell, I’m going to cause a bit of havoc today.

4. How ironic.

The irony in this picture is just too much. I just don’t even understand how this truck driver got so stuck? How has he ended up on only two of the wheels of his truck & why?

5. Never kiss a snake.

I mean, how stupid can you actually be? I’m struggling to even feel sorry for her. Why on earth would you ever try & kiss a snake and why would anyone ever want to? They’re so dangerous and unpredictable, but this girl thought it was a great idea to give it a big sloppy kiss on its head.

6. Not what you want to see in your room.

Look away now if you’re scared of spiders. This isn’t what you want to be looking at all and with it coming up to winter, we’re probably going to encounter more and more in our homes.

7. NO NO NO.

You’ve got to be a bit of a sicko to dress up as a clown on your own & go to the cinema all alone to watch a fil about a killer clown. He’s basically asking to be punched in the face. I would have f*cked off out of there so fast.

8. When your friend f*cks you over.

This guy tricked his friend into thinking he was ricking his other friend. And he gets hit right in the middle of his head, what a bloody good thrower.

9. Karma.

This guys mum got notified by the girl he sent an unsolicited d*ck pic too. It’s karma though. He shouldn’t be sending random pictures of his manhood to people who quite clearly have no interest in seeing what he has to offer. Get it away & be gone you pest.

10. Not-so-washable paint.

This girl was actually joking with this tweet, but can you imagine how mortified you’d be if your face turned pink? What would you actually do? Imagine phoning into work on Monday morning & telling your boss that you can’t come in because your face has turned pink. Slightly embarrassing.

11. Sibling rivalry.

The things siblings do to each other are just cruel sometimes. If you have siblings you’ll probably have a few very bad and painful memories that involve them. There are times when you want to like them, but you can’t help but wish something bad upon them.

12. It’s time to move house.

If this appeared on my Snapchat, I’d be out of that front door in the blink of an eye. I wouldn’t be returning to that house even if you paid me a million pounds. These Snapchat filters are bloody creepy. I just hope this is a photoshop job.

13. When your Uber driver is an absolute boss.

You can get some right nob head taxi drivers, can’t you? They’re grumpy, they stink, they’re rude & they try and overcharge you. But then you come across ones like this guy. He’s a bit of a legend, slightly dangrous, but ah well. At least he’s trying to entertain his customers ey!

14. Right in the …

Poor lad, having a painful moment like that caught on camera has to be pretty embarrassing. Imagine getting hit in the bollocks & thousands of people seeing it on national TV. He deserves a pat on the back for that.

15. This guy needs to re-evaluate his life.

I’ve met plenty of people who are scared of the dentist, hey, I’m even a bit wary of mine but when your teeth start to look THAT, you should probably take yourself to the dentist. Phobia or not.

16. This cat…

This cat has completely fucked it. “Not again Roger, I thought we’d got past this stupidity.”

17. What an awkward situation.

When you want to pour your hert out to someone but they’ve lost your number.

18. The person who forgot what a hippo looks like.

I wonder if this person got sacked?

19. Ummm..

Has anyone seen the movie about a ogre with cancer, who sexualy abuses people? No, I haven’t either…

20. A little too much Mr Bubble.

Bad move. Very very bad move.

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