15 Secret Things All Women Do When Nobody Is Around To Judge

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Illustrated by Sally Nixon (@Sallustration).

We all like to come across as prim and proper whenever we get the chance, but secretly, when we are alone, we all do the same things. We don’t like to be judged for our actions so this list compiled is rarely spoken about between women, but we all certainly do the majority of them.

So this list of wonderfully witty and accurate illustrations made by the fantastically talented Sally Nixon captures the imagination of us all. Sally is an illustrator from Little Rock, Arkansas and the majority of her work focuses on the uncensored moments of a womans life and she captures it in such a true and precise way. Her work is genius, take a look.

Below is her lift of 15 things that all women do when they are alone and cannot be judged.

1) We like to nap during the day, and this is usually on the sofa whilst cuddling up to our dogs. Get over it.

2) We have messy kitchens, and we only clean them when somebody is coming round.

3) We like to chill out with friends, and when we do so, we eat a lot of junk food, then lie about rubbing our bellies.

4) We brush our teeth in the shower. There is nothing wrong with that, in fact it saves time. Genius idea.

5) We use the toilet, even for a number two, and let our dog watch us. We don’t enjoy this, but if the dog follows us in, then it just ends up happening.

6) We all like to put on a brave front. But when we are alone, we cry our hearts out at the television.

7) We wouldn’t dream of doing this with company, but alone, we swig the milk from a cereal bowl just like this.

8) We knock some serious food back when we are on our own. We have no judge so we can usually clear out the entire fridge, no problems.

9) In front of a crowd we would say “I don’t like eating in bed because of the crumbs”. But when we have the house to ourselves, bring on the chocolate and crisps for supper.

10) We don’t like doing chores, so we skip plates and just eat our cakes over the sink or over a bin. Easy!

11) Getting changed is not the most elegant sight you have ever seen. There is makeup and underwear all over the place.

12) We make out that we are always having so much fun. But often, we just lie there doing nothing with our best friends, and we love it that way!

13) Oh yeah, and we very rarely wear clothes when we are alone. Why would we?

14) We often reach for the wine when we have some alone time. If you cannot be seen, you cannot be judged.

15) And we never, ever wear pants. We like to be comfortable.

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