15 Hilarious Images That Will Really Mess With Your Mind

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The internet is absolutely filled with a whole host of completely random pictures. But, it is the hilarious ones that we really can’t get enough of. There are some images that are taken at the perfect moment that we really can’t get our head around.

Here is a selection of fifteen photos that are guaranteed to mess with your head. These images are perfectly timed and will definitely leave you laughing…


1. Kisses for mum!

This image has really thrown a lot of us off. We really can’t understand what is going on here, can we? It looks like the man kissing the woman has an abnormally large head… but you quickly realise that there is actually a child in the photo and his arm is blocking the definition of his face against his fathers.

This is definitely one that is going in the memory books just because of how bizarre it looks! They definitely would have had a great laugh about this image in a few years to come!

2. That is one tricky game of Twister

Twister is such an old game, but for those of you who have played, it can understand that it is a lot harder than it looks. In essence, it is really a game of luck and if you spin awkward combinations then you are in for a tricky night.

This image takes the stress of Twister to a whole other level because it looks like this woman is stretching all the way across. Doesn’t it look like her body is twisted all the way around?!

3. Little pea head

This person has obviously got extremely bored in the classroom and realised that there is a lot more going on around him than meets the eye. Even looking straight ahead he has realised that it looks like the person in front of him has an extremely odd body to head ratio.

There is nothing more hilarious than this image. I bet it was hard for the person who took the image to stay silent in class and not laugh at what was in front of him!

4. Who’s arm is that?!

The amount of heads and arms in this image is distressing when you can’t match the head to the arm. We can’t really understand what is going on in this image and it doesn’t help that all these people are standing so close together and all holding hands.

The hairy arm can’t belong to the woman.. surely?!

5. This is the most confusing of them all

Even after staring at the image for a solid couple of minutes, I still couldn’t work out what was what. Who is she carrying on her back?! This is seriously confusing. The best part about all of these images is that they never intended them to be this confusing, but the reality of them show that they are.

They must have had a really good laugh when they looked back after taking this photo!

6. Did you forget to shave for a year?!

This woman was clearly trying to take a sexy picture for someone. But, this quickly backfired when the attention was drawn off her and onto the placement of her hair. No one is even bothered about what her face or what her body looks like, instead people are more concerned about the position of the hair and the fact it looks like she has hairy underarms.

I hope she didn’t upload this anywhere in a serious manner because no-one could take this seriously!

7. Steam train!!

This man obviously works at the train station… but he also very clearly has a hilarious sense of humour. I bet he wanted to try doing this for absolutely ages, didn’t he?!

It must have been extremely hard to time it absolutely perfect to make it look like the steam was coming out of his head. Either way, the amount of time and effort put into this image was definitely worth it!!

8. Legs to die for

It really looks like this woman’s legs are the horses’ legs. The fact that she is wearing such a large, puffy dress really doesn’t help at all.. does it?

This just makes it look like she is either floating mid-air or really has horse legs as her own! The scary thing is that these legs really fit her well!

9. Peek-a-boo!

This image is absolutely adorable. Isn’t it? Is there anything cuter than kids and little puppies? But, this image has taken a funny turn and it looks as though the child is bending down and actually has a dogs head for their face?!

This image couldn’t be more perfectly timed… I bet the parents of the child and the owners of the dogs had a very good laugh about this!

10. That’s an unusual stump

This man clearly works regularly with trees and cutting them down. But, on this day of the job he found something a little bit more amusing than usual.

He just HAD to take a picture of himself stood behind this tree stump… and we can all tell why. This is hilarious!

11. A four-legged woman

This woman is simply enjoying an evening cruising the ocean, but this image will have set her into fits of laughter! It is so hard to tell which legs are her and which is the woman’s behind her. Initially, at first glance, it really looks as though the four legs all belong to her.

But, when you investigate the image further you quickly realise that this isn’t the case and there is actually a second woman sat behind her!

12. When you look closely there are actually three people in this image!

Because you can only see two heads in this image, you automatically assume that there are only two people in there. But, it is when you start counting hte amount of limbs in there that you start to question it. There are three separate pairs of legs… so whereabouts is the third person hiding?!

The guy at the back must be strong to carry the weight of a person and another person pushing his weight down onto him. No matter how bizarre the image is, the group of boys look like they’re having so much fun!

13. Double-headed woman

We have no idea what is going on here… at first glance, it really looks like this a double-headed woman. But, after further investigation, it is hard to see who’s head belongs to which body.

You see the image one way, but after a few moments you manage to see the image a completely different way! They must have had a great laugh about this image after it was taken!

14. This would be the best thing in the world to wake up to

Could you imagine a world where you woke up next to this every morning? The person taking this image is extremely lucky to wake up to this every day. You can tell that the dog isn’t meant to be there but it really looks like a dogs head with human arms!

This is a perfect photo opportunity and the person really didn’t miss out on taking it!

15. Wow it looks like this dog is going to snap in half

Obviously, this dog is doing a lot of running around. But, with those long legs, it looks as though he is about to snap fully in half. We can’t believe that this dog can bend this way?! The weirdest part is that his head is going the completely another way as his front legs?!

Dogs are hilarious animals and they have so much love in them… but, we really do have a lot of funny dog images on the whole of the internet.

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