15 Of The Funniest Moments Ever On I'm A Celebrity...Get Me Out Of Here!

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From Gillian McKeith fainting to Paul Burrell shoving his hands into the holes of hell…

1. Gillian McKeith fainting.

Possibly the funniest moment of all time on I’m A Celebrity, Gillian McKeith had to be the most amusing contestant of all time. The general public kept voting for her to do the trials day after day until she just gave up and “fainted” – definitely faked it. But it will always be the funniest moment of any series.

2. Dean Gaffney’s strange body jiggles.

Dean Gaffney should have won some sort of trophy for his squirming and screaming during this trial. Ant and Dec called Dean the most nervous celebrity on the entire show and spent 10 minutes laughing at him. He ended up being booted off the show finishing in 8th place.

3. Christopher Biggins cuddling up to a rat.

Christopher ended up cuddling up to a rat one evening and his reaction is pretty priceless. The screams ?

4. Paul Burrell with his hands in those holes.

Paul Burrell. Oh, Paul Burrel. How could we forget about his hell holes trial? The noise that came out of that mans mouth were just….? fast forwards to 5:23…

5. Fatima and the cockroach.

Fatima was an absolute machine when it came to the trials BUT she was almost defeated when a cockroach got stuck up her nose.

6. Joey Essex learns how to tell the time.

Joey Essex isn’t exactly the brightest star in the sky and he might have stumbled at every task he faced but his sweet persona managed to charm the general public.

7. Matthew Wright in his white bikini.

Matthew Wight whacked on a white bikini in an attempt to copy Myleene Klass’ “shower scene”. Matthew flashed his body in the bikini to Joey whilst he was in the shower & then paraded himself down to camp to show the rest of the campmates. Brilliant moment.

8. Nicola McLean’s eating challenge.

Glamour model Nicola McLean not only suffered fellow campmate Timmy Mallett but she battled through one of the most disgusting trials we’ve seen. She might not have looked graceful whilst doing it but she did manage to keep hold of the creatures in her mouth & swallow them.

9. Alfonso Ribeiro does the Carlton dance.

Alfonso decided to finally teach his campmates how to do the Carlton dance. Most of them failed, especially Joey and Rebecca finally got to learn her favourite dance in the world. All while Lucy sat there with a face like a slapped arse (not surprise there).

10. David Guest and Vaginica Seaman.

Possibly one of the funniest campmates ever. David Guest made series 6 with his outrageous but hilarious stories about his life & the people he knew. In this scene, he told his campmates about his maid and why she was called “vaginica seaman” before he starts screaming “vaginca please, help!” at the top of his voice.

11. Duncan Bannatyne tries to get into bed with Lady C.

When Duncan walks back from the toilet in the middle of the night, he mistakes Lady C’s bed for his own and tries to climb into her bed before she jumps up and surprises him. He was too embarrassed to tell her that he’d got his beds mixed up so he let her think he’d slipped and fallen on her. Very funny!

12. Gemma Collins’ entire experience.

From start to finish (only 3 days but you know). I’m seriously hoping the rumours are true & she does actually come back to the jungle this year.

13. Steve Davis falls.

Fast forward to 1:40, he’s getting ready to start his bushtucker trial when he collapses into the water. Ant and Dec couldn’t keep their laughter in and he ended up falling in a few more times throughout his trial.

14. Stacey Solomon throwing a stone at Dom Jolly.

When Stacey is assigned a bushtucker task, she has to catch Dom’s attention to tell him to meet her in the bush telegraph without anyone else finding out. Her idea of catching his attention was to throw a stone at him which accidentally went in his eye. Painful but very funny to watch.

15. George and Joe’s bromance.

George Takei and Joe Swash forged an unlikely bond in the jungle. They became very close in the jungle, especially when George rubbed insect repellent on Joe’s bum before copping a cheeky feel. Very funny moment.

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