12 Signs You May Have High Functioning Anxiety

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It is almost impossible to not feel anxious in today’s highly strung society full of stress and pressure. In fact, in 2013 there were around 8.2 million separate cases of anxiety in the UK alone.

It is a mental health issue that a huge percentage of the population have to cope with on a daily basis.

It is natural for everyone to feel a little bit anxious day to day, especially if you have exams coming up or an interview to prepare for.

But, it is when it starts taking over your day to day life that you need to do something to prevent it from negatively affecting your life. If you feel like it is already affecting your life then you may have ‘high functioning anxiety’.

You might not realise it, but these twelve signs will help point it out if you are suffering from high functioning anxiety. These signs will also help you see if the people close to you are also suffering in silence.

1. You obsess over the most trivial things, no matter how small

No matter how small the thing is, you manage to find an issue with it. Whether it’s the way somebody spoke to you or the choice of words they decided to use – you managed to over think and start to obsess over it.

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Constantly, you replay the smallest thing over and over in your head. So, if you’re still obsessing over something that happened a week ago, or even a month ago then that could point to anxiety.

2. You automatically decline an invite to go out, despite the fact that you really do want to go out

No matter what the event or the people involved, you find it really hard to accept an invite to somewhere. If something is planned weeks ahead, like a concert or a night out with friends, when the day┬ácomes you really don’t feel up to it and will come up with any excuse in order to get yourself out of it.

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In worse cases, you can simply feel unhealthy amounts of dread in the weeks leading up to a certain event you have had planned for ages. This might not just be the type of person you are and can lead to the fact that you may have high functioning anxiety if you are showing symptoms like this.

3. You fall asleep extremely late, but still wake up really early

You find that it is a struggle to get yourself to sleep properly. Despite feeling extremely tired, you are still not able to get to sleep. Your sleeping pattern can tell a lot about who you are as a person and a poor sleeping pattern is a symptom of high functioning anxiety.

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Usually, it is hard to get to sleep with a number of thoughts running through your head. It is a struggle to unwind and relax and you end up getting yourself more stressed when you start to realise you aren’t getting enough sleep.

The reason people with anxiety wake up extremely early is that their ‘anxiety clock’ decides to wake them up. Once their mind is switched on, it is hard to turn it off and get back to sleep.

4. Mentally, you feel far too tired to get out of bed despite your body waking you up so early

Due to the disruptive sleeping pattern, your body isn’t getting the amount of rest that it really needs. This means that despite waking up very early, you still don’t have enough energy to get up and face the day.

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If you are feeling that you are frequently unable to get out of bed due to being physically and mentally tired, then this could be a clear sign that you suffer from high functioning anxiety.

5. You find your thoughts are constantly weighing up the worst scenario of any situation

Many people daydream when their mind wanders off, but people suffering from anxiety will find that their thoughts lead them to weigh up the worst scenario of any situation.

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Perhaps you haven’t received a text back from someone for a few hours and you were expecting an instant reply… does that mean that they must hate you now? Sadly, this is the way that an anxious mind works.

6. If someone starts to show that they care about you, you find that their concern makes you worry a lot more

The one thing that triggers anxiety the most is when people start to notice it. You feel extremely paranoid when people point out and ask you if you’re okay.

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You don’t want to be a liability for anyone and when someone notices it, it really sends your mind into overdrive. You go above and beyond to try and convince them that you’re okay when really you’re not.Why not try and speak to them if they

Why not try and speak to them if they are showing true concern, it could help a lot because they really have your best interests at heart.

7. You find yourself replaying and rethinking past conversations you’ve had

Even if the conversation went amazing, you still find that there are small bits you will constantly replay over and over in your head. You analyse every single detail in case you said the slightest thing wrong.

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8. Planning for the future is something that absolutely terrifies you

Naturally, the future is a worrying prospect because you really have no idea what you’re going to be doing. However, people suffering from anxiety feel fear and only manage to see the negativity when looking forward in life.

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This is because dealing with the present is already something that is so tough for people suffering from high functioning anxiety, that they can’t even begin to imagine what the future holds.

9. You always find that you’re comparing yourself to other people your own age

The worst thing that a person can do is compare themselves to someone else. Although this is a part of life, it is quite dangerous. Especially for people suffering from anxiety.

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‘I’ll never dress as nicely as that person’ or ‘I’ll never be in a relationship as good as those two’. If you find that you are scrolling through Facebook on profiles of your old friends and seeing how well they’re doing with their lives then this could be a symptom towards anxiety.

10. Every single mistake you make, no matter how big or small, you find that you beat yourself up about it

We are all human, which means it is completely natural to make mistakes. We make mistakes and learn from them. However, people with anxiety react extremely badly to the mistakes they make and it haunts them for an extremely long time.

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11. Meeting new people is not an enjoyable experience for you

It is stressful meeting new people. You find that you keep replaying the same questions over and over in your head, ‘Will they like me?’ ‘How do I introduce myself?’ etc. It becomes a severe worry and can have a negative effect on your day if you are stressing about it.

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If you are in an unfamiliar setting then you will not want to talk to new people and you will want to just keep to yourself until someone comes and talks to you.

12. You tend to blame yourself for slow responses

Everyone likes someone who can respond to them quickly. However, for people suffering from high functioning anxiety, you find that a quick response isn’t a WANT but instead it is a NEED.

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You start to panic quickly about the reasons why you aren’t getting a fast response and this has a negative effect on the whole of your day.

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