10 People Admit The Most Brutal Things That Someone Has Told Them During Sex

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10 People Admit The Most Brutal Things That Someone Has Told Them During Sex

Even the most confident of us worry about our ability in the bedroom. Even the cockiest womaniser probably has a slight fear that they are ‘doing it wrong’. So, a little compliment here and there from our partners can do absolute wonders for our self-confidence in the sack.

But have you ever had a terrible experience during sex which has, sort of, made you feel like absolute crap? We have put together 10 awful experiences from people who have had dreadful experiences during or after doing their thing. Here are 10 of the worst things that people have had said to them about their sexual abilities that made them want to hibernate for, like, forever. We hope these have never been said to you!

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1. First and last with James

“My friend went back with her Tinder date after a successful and romantic meal out courtesy of him. Things were looking great and after having sex for the second time that night, she joked (not joked) ‘I’ve had the best first date ever’. To which he responded, ‘I’ve had the best last date ever’. Needless to say, he wasn’t joking.”

2. Creepy Neil

“Possible the weirdest thing anyone has ever said to me during sex was ‘bloop, bloop, bloop – love bubbles’. I thought it was a cute phrase he was starting to call me. Immediately after saying it, he said ‘can I put it up your bum?'”

Boy Vomiting

3. Great Feedback Simon

After having hot, passionate sex with a guy I met in Vietnam backpacking, he immediately after exclaimed, ‘well that was f*****g s**t.’ As it that wasn’t bad enough, we were in a dormitory at the time with 10 other bunk beds, all full of people. Never again.

4. Drunken Mick

My friends with benefits pal Michael said once after having sex ‘I can’t believe how long it been since we did it, must’ve been four weeks’. It wouldn’t have been an awkward comment, but the awkward thing was, we had had sex, it just wasn’t that memorable apparently.

15 people reveal the worst thing someone has said to them during sex

5. Incestuous

I met this girl at a bar and we hit it off straight away. We went back in an Uber to mine, had a few more drinks and things got a bit heated. A few minutes into it, she told me ‘I’m sorry but we need to stop this, you remind me too much of my little sister’. It was awful. Is my manhood that small or do I just look like a woman?

15 people reveal the worst thing someone has said to them during sex

6. Turn away

My boyfriend – now my ex- once said to me, ‘do you mind facing away from me so I can’t see you, i’m really trying to concentrate’. I did always wonder why he closed his eye during sex. RUDE.

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7. Doppelganger

She could’ve said I looked like anyone, just anyone. Anyone who is not Mr. Bean. But she did. She said it. Loud and clear. ‘Don’t pull that face, you look like Mr Bean’. There it was. I’ve never got over it and I never got under her again.

8. NOW!

As I thrusted, she told me exactly when to finish in her. ‘Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t, NOW!’ Needless to say I’d already finish on the second ‘don’t’.

15 people reveal the worst thing someone has said to them during sex

9. 1- Star rating!

It was a simple insult but it hit hard. On a lads holiday in Zante, I was so pleased I pulled. After doing what I thought was a brilliant job, she exclaimed, ‘I have no doubt that that was top of the list in my worst shags of my entire life.’

10. Romance Killer

Yeah we all get a bit embarrassed talking dirty but I finally plucked up the courage to ask my girlfriend to say something dirty. She came out with, ‘can you go a bit slower, I had a curry for tea and I feel a bit funny’.

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