If You’ve Got A Cowlick It Means Something Pretty Special About Your DNA

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Do you have a cowlick? If not then, I am sure you know someone who has one.

Maybe you’re totally confused by what a cowslick is!

No it’s not literally a lick from a cow.

It is the weird bit of hair on someone’s head (usually the front) where it sticks up a little bit.

It is called a cowlick because it quite literally looks like a big cow has licked the front of your hairline and made a long lasting flick of hair!

The funny description of this type of style called a cowlick dates back hundreds of years to the 16th century where a book contained the line “The lockes or plaine feakes of haire called cow-lickes, are made turning upwards.” Interesting!

Here are a few examples and a big arrow to help you:

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