Phil And Holly Are Left Stunned By Man Who Lets His Kids Talk To His Sex Robot

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Arran Lee Wright is a father who appeared on This Morning and was interviewed by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield. However, he wasn’t the only one sat on the sofa opposite the pair.

Alongside Arran Lee was ‘Samantha’ a sex robot he helped to create. She was developed using artificial intelligence which means she can respond to certain situations in different ways. But, one of the biggest features of this doll which makes her a full-on sex doll is the fact that she has a fully functional g-spot.

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His explanation about why he has one of these sex dolls is that they are intended to help people improve their relationships as opposed to replacing their relationships with real humans.

As expected, there were many questions that Holly and Phillip had for Arran. One of the first questions was from Holly, she discussed that while sex toys are usually small and easy to be stored, where on earth would he be able to store this huge sex doll?

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield stunned by dad who keeps sex robot around his kids

He discussed that she has a ‘family mode’ that he can apply on her which means she can be left around the family without anything abnormal going on. Samantha is left around the house meaning that his kids, aged just five years old and three years old, come into contact with them.

Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield stunned by dad who keeps sex robot around his kids

Phillip also asked if Samantha sits with everyone in the family on a regular basis. His response was:

“My children, they say, ‘Where’s Samantha?’ So she can be at home and you ask her, ‘Tell me something about animal’ and she will.”

Holly added:

“At some point they’re gonna go, ‘I’m old enough to realise that Samantha…Daddy has sex with Samantha, and Samantha’s not mummy’. Is that not a bit strange?”

The whole situation seemed a little bizarre as she is advertised as a sex doll, but has the ability to do a lot of other things too.

His response to this was that he believed the world is changing. This means that we are in the twenty first century and there are now so many different ideas of what a modern family could be now.

His wife was also in the studio at the time and she described their new family member as ‘fun’.

“I’m not offended to have her around or worried she might replace me. Not at all. She’s just someone there like a family member. 

“I’m not worried because I’m not replaceable. It has enhanced our relationship. We have fun with her. I am not worried about someone else for Aaron to have an affair. It’s fun to have her around.”

So, another question that a lot of us are probably asking is how hygienic is this Samantha.

Well, Aaron had his say on this comment:

“Different parts – I won’t go into details – but different parts are very easy to remove and clean. It’s all safe.”

Lots of people are supportive of this, if it fits with the family and everyone is comfortable with it. However, This Morning also brought out Emma Kenny, a psychologist, on the show so she could show her point of view on the situation.

She was opposed to the idea of having another woman in the home and had this to say about the situation:

“I think it’s very submissive. That whole idea of her not really being able to react. It doesn’t matter that she’s got a voice. 

“One of the things that the programme does is that she doesn’t speak for every fifteen seconds because you don’t want to hear that when you’re having sex… and that just absolutely personifies what I feel is so wrong with this.”

People took to social media to share their thoughts on this new home situation.

Some people saw the funny side to this…

However, a lot of other people didn’t see anything remotely amusing about having a sex doll around with your kids.


How do you feel about this situation? Would you invest in a sex doll that can also hang around with your kids whilst on ‘family mode’ or do you think the whole idea is absolutely bizarre?


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