People Are Furious About Kate Middleton's Third Child.

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Everybody loves the Royal family, and what is not to love. They maintain their perfect image all of the time and act with such grace and professionalism, very rarely letting their guards down. They often have to attend things that you can just imagine they really don’t want to. But they turn up, day in and day out with a smile on their faces. Not many of us could manage that!

They are constantly in the spotlight, and I’m not just talking about here in the UK, they are global superstars. We think that the likes of David Beckham and Beyonce have to deal with the press and flocks of fans everywhere they go, well the Royals have to deal with a lot worse. People pay to visit and tour their house!

At the minute the thing on everybody’s mind in regards to the Royals is beautiful baby George, who has recently started school and will one day grow up to be the King! How mad is that? But we are also all a bit obsessed with the fact that Kate Middleton is pregnant again and expecting the Royal couples third child.

The Royals do carry out their role model jobs in a great way though, from the clothes they wear to the way they act in the public eye, their regal responsibilities are now a way of life for anybody born or married into the family.

Although the news of a new Royal baby was met by the world with great joy and celebration, there was a select few who seemed to be fuming about the thought of Kate Middleton having another child.

So why are people so against the news of a new Royal baby? Well as things usually do, it boils down to politics. A new policy has recently been introduced by the Conservatives which doesn’t allow a cost allowance for families with 3 children or over.

This means that families are having to think hard about whether they can actually afford to have another child, as they would be forced to ensure they can financially afford to support the child.

The argument, therefore, is that the Royals have no such problems, as they are publicly funded and have what seems like unlimited wealth. They have none of these issues that working-class families are now faced with.

Women in their hundreds flocked to Twitter in the wake of the Royal pregnancy news to put their thoughts across on this issue. Many left feeling disillusioned with the fact that the Royals have no real worries about the ability to support their children, despite how many they decide to have. Whereas couples in the UK are left budgeting and struggling to support their families.

Sianuska was quick to point out the harsh loopholes in the new legislation that has been put in place. Whereas below Tory Logic twitter page engulfs on a rant about how the party in charge of the country has handled the introduction of the new laws.

Many people see the benefits of the Royal family and will offer nothing but their congratulations to the couple. But some hold the view mentioned above.

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