Mum Disgusted With Primark's New 'Mean Girls' T-Shirt Range

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Primark has been bringing out a whole host of different clothes ranges over the past few months. However, their new Mean Girls range has sent some parents into a rage.

Apparently, the t-shirts that can be bought from this high street shop, aren’t something that parents are a huge fan of. The t-shirts contain quotes from the hit chick flick that was released back in 2004.

However, one parent has decided to speak out over her disgust with the quotes used on the t-shirts.

Dawn Thomson, a mum-of-two from Edinburgh, has called out the t-shirts and wants them to be pulled from the shelves. In particular, there is on t-shirt that she is really not happy with and the slogan reads “You Can’t Sit With Us”.

According to 48-year-old Dawn, this t-shirt ‘advocates bullying’ and apparently it is completely ‘irresponsible’ to expose children to this.

Dawn had her say on the matter:

“The one that really got to me what the one with ‘you can’t sit with us’ on it. 

“That’s where it all starts, it’s insidious. Children saying, ‘that’s my friend’s place’.

“It’s not physical violence at that point, but so many women will have had that experience of not being in the right crowd. 

“It’s so irresponsible.”

Mean Girls was released 13 years ago, but it is still one of the most well known chick flicks of the 21st Century. The film is based around nasty behaviour at school – probably some that we have experienced in our time. However, the witty one liners brought to us by the likes of Lindsay Lohan, Rachel McAdams and Amanda Seyfried aren’t intended to be harmful to viewers.

I think we can all admit that we even tend to quote some of the classic Mean Girls lines every now and then when it seems appropriate!

Although a lot of us loved the fact that Primark went back in time and made merchandise out of one of the most classic coming of age films the 21st Century has brought us, Dawn Thomson, on the other hand, did not.

She has called for the t-shirts to be removed and added:

“It’s like that’s legitimising it. With an adult wearing it it’s like we are saying it is okay to act like that.”

Primark decided to hit back with their statement on the issue:

“The T-shirt is, as clearly indicated, licensed merchandise from the popular movie Mean Girls and is part of an adult women’s wear range.

“Its slogan is a quote from the film, and any offence caused is wholly unintentional.”

What are you thoughts on the matter?

Dawn Thomas has clearly been offended by one of the t-shirts in the Mean Girls range that has just been released by Primark. She isn’t aware that it is just a quote and meant to be taken lightly. Obviously, this huge high street store didn’t intend to offend anyone when bringing out clothes for young people.

Image result for primark

Primark have clearly seen a gap in the market and have discovered just how popular this movie is. So, they have made t-shirts that many of us want to buy because we relate so much to the film. The t-shirt that Dawn pointed out isn’t the only one in the range and there are a lot of other quotes also used for the t-shirts. However, she hasn’t deemed any of the others as being offensive.

A lot of people have taken to social media to give their opinion on the backlash that Primark are now facing for this t-shirt.


One woman clearly had a lot to say about this issue:

Other people didn’t have a lot to say about the issue, but seemed to REALLY like the t-shirts that have been brought out for Mean Girls super fans to treat themselves to!



So, will you be going to Primark to treat yourself to something from the amazing range? Or will you be siding with Dawn Thomson in your efforts to get some of these products off the shelves? Leave your opinion in the comments section!

So, to lighten the mood here are our top three mean girls moments – this will definitely remind you just how brilliant this film is!


“Four for you Glen Coco, you go Glen Coco! And none for Gretchen Weiners….. Bye.”

The infamous candy cane scene at Christmas where everyone is delivering candy canes to one another.

We don’t know who Glen CoCo is but we sure know he’s one popular guy. All we want to know is who his four candy canes are from?! I don’t know why, but for some reason this is definitely one of the most famous quotes in there. We wish we knew more about this guy, don’t we? We love Damien dressed up as Santa giving out the candy canes… but, we do feel a little bit sorry for Gretchen Weiners…. bye!

2. Coach Car in sex ed

“Don’t have sex. Because you will get pregnant, and die. Don’t have sex in the missionary position, don’t have sex standing up, just… don’t do it. Promise? Alright, everybody grab some rubbers.”

Well, that is certainly one way to go about sex education at a high school. They probably shouldn’t have left it to the male p.e teacher who clearly doesn’t know a lot about pregnancy. For some reason, this is another ridiculously popular quote from the whole film. I think those of us who have watched this film multiple times will be able to quote it word for word now. But don’t worry, there is nothing sad about that…. is there?

3. Everything about Karen Smith

We couldn’t pick just one quote from this lovely lady, so here’s a few to reminisce over…

Firstly that time she completely outed Gretchen in front of all the girls (and Damien) in the whole school.

“Gretchen, I’m sorry I laughed at you that time you got diarrhea at Barnes & Noble. And I’m sorry for telling everyone about it. And I’m sorry for repeating it now.”

The time she discovered her fifth sense…

Karen Smith: I’m kind of psychic. I have a fifth sense.

Cady Heron: What do you mean?
Karen Smith: It’s like I have ESPN or something. My breasts can tell when it’s gonna rain.”
And finally the classic line that we have probably all quoted in our lives… the time she couldn’t go out:
” I can’t go out tonight *fake coughs*. I’m sick.”
Image result for im sick karen
If this doesn’t make you want to watch this incredible film all over again for the 100th time then I don’t know what will. This will forever be a classic and we will simply never get bored of watching this film over and over again!
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