Internet’s Most Difficult Riddle: Can You Crack it?

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Internet’s Most Difficult Riddle: Can You Crack it?

This riddle, based on wordplay, has gone viral. And it is sending people mad!

Lacey Read, a female Facebook user, posted the riddle on her page prompting confused followers to share the puzzle in hope that someone, anyone could get their head around it!

The riddle’s answer is actually pretty simple and it’ll be sure to leave you kicking yourself! But only after someone has spelled it out to you!

Here it is…

Lacey Read snapped the photo of the riddle walking down her local high street and decided to share it online. She was completely oblivious to the uproar that her post would ensue.

A week after posting the riddle, Lacey found her post had been shared around 200,000 times and triggered over 45,000 different responses. Would someone PLEASE give us a clue!?

It stumped all of these people, but has it fooled you?

Here’s a tip from one Facebook user…

Many Facebookers were left frustrated and even a little angry as the riddle drove them crazy!

And many were left relieved when they finally worked it out!

Ok, so let’s try and break the riddle down and take it slow.

Following advice, let’s read this as a statement, not a question.

What has four letters? No, not a question. What has four letters. A statement. Yes. W-H-A-T. 1-2-3-4.

Sometimes has nine letters. Oh wait, we are on to something here!

Never has five letters. N-E-V-E-R. Can you see the pattern? Get it? Yeah! In retrospect, it is actually pretty simple when you take every word literally!

Did you work out the riddle? Or like us, did you need the internet’s help?

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