This Is What Happens To Your Body When You Eat A Banana Every Day

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Most of us have cravings, whether it’s every day or on the weekend and when we crave something, it takes a lot of will power to actually not eat that food. All you can think about is that food and the thought of eating something healthy just doesn’t appeal to you at all. But at the end of the day, we can all agree that being healthy is our top priority and even though we crave those junk foods, eating treats should only happen from time to time.

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Bananas, however, are packed full of amazing goodness & they taste delicious. Just look at how much monkeys & minions love them….

They include vitamins, nutrients and fibre and they’re completely affordable. Here’s what happens to your body when you eat a banana every day ?

Blood pressure: 

If you have high blood pressure, bananas are very good to eat. They’re low in sodium and high in potassium which makes them a brilliant food for blood pressure and heart health. They also help your body’s circulatory system deliver oxygen to your brain which helps your body in maintaining a regular heartbeat and a good balance of water in your body.

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The fibre in bananas really helps your bowel movements. Having a bit of trouble going to the toilet? Just eat a banana and you should go without a problem. They promote the restoration and maintenance of regular bowel movements. Don’t take laxatives all you need is a banana.

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Feeling a bit low? Need a bit of energy? Bananas are full of vitamins, minerals and low glycemic carbohydrates, making them a great source of energy. They’re a great food to eat just before a workout and the potassium in the bananas will help prevent muscle cramp – so, all in all, they’re amazing. Eating just two bananas will give your body enough fuel to exercise for an hour and a half so don’t drink a coffee or a sugary sweet if you’re feeling low, eat a banana.

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Bananas have natural antacids so if you suffer from heartburn, bananas are a great food to eat. Preferably if they’re unripe.

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Bananas help stimulate red blood cell and haemoglobin production. If you’re low on iron, you should eat bananas more often.

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Bananas contain tryptophan which your body converts to serotonin which helps us relax and feel happy. It’s not just chocolate that makes us happy AND bananas are healthier.

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Bone health: 

Besides the cardiovascular benefits, the potassium we find in bananas helps promote bone health by decreasing the amount of calcium released through urine. They will help prevent your bones from thinning out at a fast rate.

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Ulcers are so annoying, you can’t eat a lot of things without causing stomach upset but luckily for you, bananas are perfect because they’re soft and mushy and they’ll protect the stomach lining from acid and irritation.

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Nerves & PMS:

Bananas regulate your blood sugar and are rich in Vitamin B which naturally calms you down and makes people more relaxed resulting in an overall mood boost.

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Temperature control: 

Did you know bananas can lower your temperature and cool you down. How amazing is that? So if one day you’re boiling, just eat a banana and you’ll cool down.

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Heart protection: 

The fibre, potassium, vitamin C and B6 found in bananas are excellent for your heart health. They’ve been directly linked to a 49% lower risk of ischemic heart disease. Bananas will also help reduce your chance of having a stroke.

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Diabetes stabilisation:

Bananas are an excellent food choice for people with diabetes. High-fibre diets have been proven to improve insulin levels which make bananas an excellent choice. The carbs in bananas do need to be recorded though. Several studies have shown that 15–30 grams of resistant starch per day may improve insulin sensitivity by 33–50%, in as little as 4 weeks.

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Improves digestion:

Bananas have the ability to combat heartburn, diarrhoea and constipation because they’re easy to digest, however, 1% of people who suffer from acid reflux have found that bananas aggravate their problem, so they’re not for everyone.

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Helps with weight loss:

Bananas have several features that make them weight loss friendly. They contain few calories (about 100) but they’re very filling and nutritious. Eating fibre from fruit and vegetables has repeatedly been linked with weight loss. Unripe bananas are packed with starch and they’re very filling, so they reduce your appetite.

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They contain lots of antioxidants:

They contain two potent antioxidants including dopamine and catechins and they’ve been linked to many health benefits such a reduced risk of heart disease and degenerative diseases. Dopamine from bananas does not cross the blood-brain barrier, it just acts as a strong antioxidant instead of altering hormones and mood.

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They help kidney health: 

Potassium is essential for blood pressure control and healthy kidney function and may be beneficial for maintaining healthy kidneys. A study was taken that showed that women who ate bananas 2-3 times a week were 33% less likely to develop kidney disease. People who ate 4-5 bananas a week were 50% less likely to develop kidney disease than people who don’t eat bananas.

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The riper the banana the better it is for your body. It’s immunity-boosting and anti-cancer properties are very effective in improving the function of white blood cells than greener bananas. So instead of throwing your spotted bananas away, you should eat them.

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This little yellow fruit has the potential to be the next great health revolution. It’s high in natural sugars, fructose and sucrose and regular consumption can provide you with some amazing health benefits.

The reasons riper bananas are healthier is because of the TNF they contain. TNF fights against abnormal cells in your body, so ripe bananas are actually able to fight cancer. TNF also promotes communication between the immune system and body cells. TNF also blocks the tumour cells growth and bananas are rich in antioxidants which boost the immune system and your blood cell count.

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They’re extremely easy to add to your diet and they’re also very fast to eat. You can add them to your cereal, yoghurt or smoothie in the morning instead of sugar. You can even add them to your baking instead of sugar. Bananas rarely contain pesticides or pollutants due to their thick peel, unlikeother fruits. I don’t think you need any more reasons why you should be eating bananas more. Do you?

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