Aldi Is Launching A Wine Advent Calendar And It's A Bargain

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Aldi is giving us yet another excuse to drink wine every day. They’re about to launch a wine advent calendar, which contains 24 mini bottles of red, rose, white and fizz.

The advent calendar will cost £49.99 which works out at £2 per mini bottle and it’ll hit stores on November 14. It will contain everything from Merlot to Chablis – so wine lovers everywhere will LOVE this fancy advent calendar. All the wines are from France except the sparkling which come from Italy and Spain and Aldi have said it was created in collaboration with brands like JP Chenet and Calvet.

“I’m sorry but Aldi have produced the biggest game changer of 2017… a wine advent calendar,” wrote one customer on Twitter.

While another added: “14 November is saved as the day for Aldi’s release of a bargain alcoholic advent calendar.”

The advent calendar totals the equivalent of six full bottles of wine so if you’d rather just have them by the bottle, you can go down to your nearest store and pick up a bottle for less than £8.

Aldi is also about to release a new lighting range this Sunday which will be available online and in stores. 

A lot of high street stores have been “copying” items from more expensive stores and Aldi is one of them. They recently started selling candles that were very like the expensive Jo Malone ones and now they’re selling lamps that are almost identical to John Lewis’.

This new lights range is heavily inspired by John Lewis’ collection but it won’t cost anywhere near the same price. It’ll be available online and in store and it includes stylish ceiling pendants, table and floor lamps and they’re all very affordable. You can make your house look gorgeous without having to fork out too much money.

This collection is part of Aldi’s “special buys” which means there is limited amount of stock and once the item is sold out, there’s no guarantee of it coming back in stores.

There’s a black ceiling pendant that’s available for £35 which is £760 cheaper than the original from John Lewis. £760 CHEAPER!! Aldi’s geometrical floor lamp costs just £49.99 which is £80 cheaper than the John Lewis version & they’re almost identical.

You might not be getting the same quality with the Aldi versions but if you’re looking for something smart to redecorate your home, that won’t cost you a fortune, Aldi is the place to go at the minute.

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