30 Pictures That Every Perfectionist Will Struggle To Look At

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A perfectionist is a person that absolutely refuses to accept any standard LESS than perfect. There can be one slight hiccup in anything and it will drive you absolutely insane.

We can all agree there is an inner perfectionist inside every single one of us!

So, here are 30 pictures that every perfectionist will struggle to even look at. Try to enjoy this…

1. Why would you cut a slice of cake like this?!

You can clearly see that the light dusting on top of the cake guides you with where to cut the slices. So, why on earth has this person decided to cut their cake like this? You would be absolutely fuming if someone served you a piece of cake like this, wouldn’t you? If this was in a restaurant you would definitely just send it back.

2. You had ONE job

Can you believe that someone has raised their child to do something as corrupt as this? Clearly, the tiles have been placed on one by one so it is clearly quite a hefty job. But, why has this person decided to fall at the last hurdle? This will annoy people for years to come…

3. Nope.

This architect needs to find a new trade. It is only about one centimetre off, but that one-centimetre makes all the difference. It probably ruins the whole house. I would not pay my builder or architect if they did this to my house. It is actually making me feel very uneasy looking at it non stop!

4. Is this art?

Is this supposed to be some form of art? If it isn’t a bold statement, then the person who did this either has some serious problems or they¬†haven’t seen a normal person before.

5. Absolutely not.

Why can’t people just be normal and line this up normally? It must have been lined up originally, but some corrupt person somewhere has decided to twist the circle around. Thanks a lot for winding a LOT of people up!

6. Puppers!!!

We can forgive this owner all of their inexperience because this picture has ten puppies in it. These are absolutely adorable, but why couldn’t they switch the two closest puppies around to make the image even more perfect than it is! These doggos are absolutely adorable…

7. All the lights are one, but the electrician has set one of the switches backwards

You would be SO annoyed having to look at this every day. Would you even bother putting the odd light on? I don’t think I would. I would rather look at a light switch board that matched up than have to stare at that on a daily basis when the lights were on.

8. This person needs to get fired

Imagine if you worked in this shop and you had to look at this floor on a daily basis… it would drive you absolutely insane. Maybe they just ran out of the white tiles and decided that they were going to replace it with a green one. But, wouldn’t you put the products on top of this hideous mistake so no-one had to see it? I don’t understand how there would be an odd number of tiles if the floor pattern is so symmetrical.

9. Who eats a Kit Kat like that?

There are two kinds of people in the world. People who eat their Kit Kats finger by finger and the other, more corrupt people who decide to take a big chunk straight out. How on earth has someone eaten a Kit Kat like that? It makes me feel sick looking at it. This guy needs to go to rehab.

10. Whoever put these tables and chairs together understands nothing

Every single one of the other tables and chairs is set up perfectly. So, why on earth is this one SO wrong?!

11. You would happily pay the extra penny just for your mind to be put to rest

We can all agree that we would pay the extra 1p just so we didn’t feel that uncomfortable looking at something like that.

12. Whoever floored this kitchen needs to go to jail

I don’t think I’d be able to step foot into my kitchen if the floor looked like this. Can someone please help this family in need and go and rip up that floor?

13. This looks like an unnecessary amount of work

It looks like this person went out of their way to get this as wrong as possible. They have clearly cut the correct size of the lighter floor to fit but decided to put it on the wrong side. This is NOT ok.

14. It should be: Left, Centre, Right

We all know what this should look like. So, why has the electrician messed this up that much?

15. There aren’t any words to describe how corrupt this is

If you are taking these tablets, at least do it correctly.

16. This hurts to even look at

We can all agree that this is actually painful to even look at. There isn’t anything remotely pleasing about this. Why are there only 3 sinks and five hand dryers crammed into one space?

17. This shop assistant is NOT winning Employee Of The Month

They probably got fired for this. Do you reckon this person did it on purpose or were they just having a bad day?

18. You literally had ONE job

Why is it so hard for someone to do their job correctly? These photos are sending me over the edge. I wouldn’t even bother buying this pack of pencils if they looked like this.

19. Imagine trying to turn the page

Even turning the page with this would be an absolute nightmare. It wouldn’t run smoothly and it would drive you INSANE.

20. The perfect excuse to never do the dishwasher

Why would you spend good money on a dishwasher, to go and put it in the most stupid place possible? In what world is this socially acceptable? You simply wouldn’t be able to do the dishwasher…

21. This is making my eyes bleed

I wouldn’t even want to enter beyond that weird wall if it meant I had to go near it. This picture is making me feel really uncomfortable. They haven’t just got the centre of bricks COMPLETELY wrong, but they have four ledges on the right-hand side and only three on the other?


How do you even make an indent right in the centre of the Kit Kat? The thing I am most impressed about is the fact that there is a Kit Kat with 8 fingers on it.

23. I would not want to be sat at that desk

Imagine going into work every single day of your life and having to stare at that dodgy light on a daily basis. I actually couldn’t think of anything that would put me off my work more than this.

24. N O P E

Look how nice and perfect the rest of them look. Why on earth has someone let one tilt to the side?

25. Does this irritate anyone else?

You know the pencils that are going to do this with their rubbers, but you still try and see if you can rub out the pencil. We can all agree that this is the most irritating thing in the world… why on earth would you bother putting a rubber at the end of the pencil if it’s just going to ruin your life?

2?. Why?

Whoever has done this is a very, very disturbed person.

27. Again.. it MUST have been in the right place at one point, so why twist it round?!

Can people stop doing stuff like this?!

¬†28. The odd one doesn’t even fit

Can you not do this to us please?!

29. This person has invented a new way of drinking from a carton

I can honestly say in my whole life I have never seen someone drink through a carton like this. These drinks have special foil holes that you pierce through to put your straw in. Why has this person tried to annoy every single person ever.

30. I wouldn’t even bother buying these crackers

Can someone please explain the thought process behind this? I do not understand.

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