27 Times Mother Nature Scared You Far Too Much

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Nature is an amazing and beautiful thing but not everything is beautiful, nature has a very dark side too. Natural disasters can be very scary things and the aftermath of them can often cause some very scary sights. From lava holes to landslides, there are some pretty terrifying things that happen all the time around the world but it’s not just natural disasters that will creep you out. There are some pretty terrifying looking creatures out there too.

Here are some images that will definitely creep you out!

1. Lava hole.

This lava pit looks like it’s sucking everything into the pits of hell. How can that woman stand there and look so calm? A lava tube is a natural conduit formed by flowing lava which moves beneath the hardened surface of lava flow. The largest lava hole in the world was found in Iceland and the largest lava hole in Africa was found in Kenya at 12.5 kilometres wide. There are a couple on the Canary Islands and one of the biggest ones was found in Hawaii.

2. Hermit crab.

This hermit crab has decided to use a discarded dolls head for a shell.

3. A weird looking wasps nest.

These wasps have decided to build a nest around a discarded child’s doll. Wasps nests can be found in the strangest places, you wouldn’t want to be stood near this things would you, it looks like something straight out of a horror movie.

4. A frog that got a second chance.

This frog was found all dried up outside a store one morning. It looked dead but the manager of the store splashed a bit of water onto it and it came back to life. A lot of frogs can appear dead when they’re not, if they’re feeling threatened, they will freeze up & try to blend in with whatever surface they’re on.

5. Honey leaking from the wall.

There were so many bees in the wall that their honey leaked through the outlet. Imagine finding this in your house, I mean, it’d be very good getting free honey but I’m not sure how I’d feel about having super sticky walls, that’d piss me off quite a lot.

6. A giant hornet’s nest.

An abandoned hornet’s nest was found in a mans shed that hadn’t been touched for a couple of years. The head is part of a wooden statue that it fused with. Imagine how much you’d freak out opening your shed door to find this horrific looking thing in front of you.

7. A frozen fox.

This fox drowned in the ice. The person who owned the lake cut him out and put him back on the lake to keep people off the ice, instead of maybe burying him, he’s been left there in the middle of the lake to warn people off but by the looks of it it’s attracting more people than it should.

8. Devil’s finger fungus.

This gross looking thing was found in a field and it’s definitely not something you want to stand on. This isn’t something you’d want to see on a nice walk.

9. Goblin shark.

This is a young goblin shark. It’s a rare species of deep-sea shark and it’s flabby body and small fins suggest that it’s pretty sluggish in nature. It also looks a bit like Gollum from Lord of the Rings which makes it look a bit less scary and slightly more amusing.

10. Snake head caterpillar.

Flying snakes is NOT what we need on this earth. Do you think

11. A tree that was struck by lightning.

This tree was struck and burnt for days afterwards. This tree will probably have kept burning away until it just turned into cinders.

12. A lizard the grew another foot on its tail.

This lizard had an extra foot that grew on its tail that’ll probably help him climb walls quicker and easier. Isn’t nature funny?

13. Fire ants riding out the Houston flooding.

Fire ants built a floating island on top of themselves to ride out the recent Houston flooding. They’ve managed to survive the floods by sticking together & floating through the floods.

14. Pythons segregating themselves.

These reticulated pythons self-segregated themselves based on colour right after hatching. The ones on the left look like strips of skin, never mind pythons.

15. Caribou shedding their antlers.

The velvet covering antlers is skin that supplies nutrients and blood flow to the growing bone. Once the antlers are fully grown, the caribou scrape the velvet off the antlers which can sometimes be quite messy.

16. A beehive built around wind chimes.

Beehives are often found in very strange places. I would not like to be near this one when the wind blows and disrupts them.

17. A gecko with three tails.

Geckos are usually found in warmer climates throughout the world. Did you know they can’t actually blink? They often lick their own eyes to keep them clean and moist and they have a fixed lens within each iris in darkness to let in more light.

18. An ant carrying the head of its enemy.

Ants may be tiny little creatures, but they’re surprisingly strong. They can carry between 10 to 50 times their own body weight and run at approximately 30 meters an hour, which is 800 times its body length a minute.

19. A landslide in Taiwan.

A landslide is a form of mass wasting that includes a range of ground movements. Landslides can occur underwater although the action of gravity is the primary driving force for a landslide. Landslides are aggravated by human activities like deforestation, cultivation and construction.

20. The battle.

It appears to be a stalemate.

21. A venus fly trap getting a tasty meal.

This slug clearly didn’t realise it was heading into a bit of danger.

22. Battle scarred Hippo.

Hippos are known for being very territorial and aggressive. They’re the third largest land mammal and the heaviest extant artiodactyl. Despite them having short, stocky looking legs, they can run up to 30 kilometres an hour over short distances and they’re ranked among the most dangerous animals in the world.

23. A fishing rod that has been struck by lightning.

This fishing rod has been burnt and doesn’t look at all salvageable.

24. Gecko eats its own tail.

Some species of gecko have certain defence mechanisms where their tail will drop off if they feel threatened or if their tail is grabbed by a predator. This tail seems to be eating its own tail though which is pretty strange. The new tail is usually shorter than the original one and coloured slightly differently.

25. The fatal blow.

This lizard has just caught its evening meal. Lizards are often sit-and-wait predators who eat smaller species of insects.

26. A proud American Eagle.

This American Eagle seems to have swooped down and attacked this goose. Geese are usually quite large creatures but they’re no match for a strong, mighty American Eagle.

27. A double ended claw.

Eurghhhh. Creepy. As if crabs don’t have big enough pincers, this one needed an extra tiny pair in case anything got away from it.

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