27 Period Nightmares That Are All Too Accurate.

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Us girls have it awfully. Every single month mother nature decides to come and kick us where it hurts and gives us days of unbearable pain, mood swings and an appetite to last a lifetime. On days like this, we think we’re immune to putting on weight and eat enough food to feed the 5,000. Sadly, this is the only way to make ourselves feel a little bit better.

To put it bluntly – this is the part of the month we dread the most.

Here are some of the worst things we have all experienced when mother nature decides to call…

1. Did I take my other tampon out?

This is the never ending dilemma that we all face. For some reason, we forget so quickly whether or not we have taken out our tampon before putting another one in. 99% of the time we have, but the fear that we haven’t is SCARY.

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2. Bleeding through your underwear

Is there actually anything more embarrassing? All you think about is HOW on earth you can bleed this much that it goes through your underwear.

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3. Having to undo your pants because they’re digging in SO much because you’re SO bloated

There is nothing worse than the bloat that comes alongside periods. The worst thing in the world is how fat you feel…

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4. Being CONVINCED you’re bleeding through your jeans when it just isn’t the case

How paranoid do we get when start to believe that we have started bleeding THROUGH our pants? This is actually one of the worst things in the world. We rush as quick as we can to a bathroom only to find that we were fine all along.

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5. Pulling out a dry tampon

I think the thought alone is enough to make any of us cringe. This is rank but it means the end is near and you have another month of freedom before your period rears it’s ugly head once again.

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6. Trying to wee whilst having a tampon in

Sad but true. We all wee with our tampons in and this is okay because it doesn’t affect it at all. Apart from the fact it starts to come out slightly and you have to push it back in there. If we changed our tampon every time we needed a wee we would go through a ridiculous amount a day… and tampons are NOT cheap!

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7. Bleeding all over your bed sheets

At least one time in our lives we have all been through this. There is nothing more irritating than waking up for work and knowing you’ve now got to strip your bed and put everything in the wash.

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8. Using a cardboard applicator

What is this about? When you think about it, you’re actually shoving cardboard up there… and the thought alone is WEIRD AF.

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9. Thinking it has all come to an end only to find out that your period has come back with a vengeance

We all have experienced this. We decide that we can finally go pad or tampon free… only to find that we were seriously wrong.

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10. Trying to poo with a tampon in

This is even worse than trying to wee with one of these in. Ugh!!

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11. Spots.

Why is it that all the bad things come at once. When you’re on, you also break out like there’s no tomorrow. This is not a good look paired with a personality that can flip at any second.

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12. Dropping a new tampon on the bathroom floor

Is there actually anything more devastating than this? When you drop a new tampon on the bathroom floor you have truly hit rock bottom. You have wasted a perfectly good tampon…

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13. Tying something around your waist incase you have bled through

We can’t deny we’ve all done this. We have all had to tie something around our waist to hide the potential blood that has come through our underwear and pants. Clever or what??

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14. Sitting up first thing in the morning and feeling the blood gushing out of you

Absolutely disgusting, but this has happened to all of us.

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15. Blood clots

Nothing knocks your more sick than the blood clots that make their way out of you when you go to the toilet.

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16. Having to wash the blood out of your underwear

There is nothing worse than ruining your favourite pair of knickers.

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17. The sweet relief of having a shower

There is nothing that makes you feel more cleansed than a shower. The 10 minutes of sweet relief is only slightly tainted when you have to watch the shower water turn red like there’s been a crime scene.

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18. Period pains that bad that you physically can’t move

There is nothing worse than this. It gets to the point where you can’t even move so you become bed ridden.

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19. Getting out of the shower and rushing round the bathroom trying to find a pad or tampon

There’s nothing more stressful than this. You rush around the whole of the bathroom trying to find a tampon and wish that you had one out ready to go before it starts to run down your leg!

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20. Getting the sticky bit of the pad stuck to your leg

Absolutely so painful.

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21. …Or your pubes

This is even MORE painful. The last thing you want on your period is to rip half your pubes out.

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22. Sticking the sticky part of the pad to itself

There is nothing more irritating than this, is there? We have all been there though.

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23. Feeling like you didn’t put your tampon in correctly

We have all been there… but we only realise as soon as we’ve left the bathroom that there’s a little bit of an issue.

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24. Being woken up by your cramps

The only thing to get over the pain is to sleep… but you can’t even cope when the pain is stopping you sleeping.

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25. Having to readjust your pad in public

You know its not comfortable but you need to somehow rearrange yourself in the most discreet way possible.

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26. Laughing or sneezing too hard and feeling the Niagara Falls of blood coming out your body

You try to not find anything funny for the whole time you’re on your period just to avoid this disaster breaking out.

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27. Having to improvise with a wad of toilet paper

When you don’t have anything on you, the only thing that will suffice is a wad of toilet paper. Absolute drama!!

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