25 Things No Woman Will Publicly Admit They’ve Done

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Being a woman is a full-time job, it takes so much effort to constantly keep up a cool and collected image. The endless grooming, nails, eyebrows, makeup, tanning…it never ends! The worst part of it all is dealing with ‘that time of the month’. I could put up with the painful cramps and mood swings, but have you seen the price of tampons nowadays, I shouldn’t have to pay top price for something I can’t control! I have to admit though, although I like to try and stay well groomed, there are times when I really cannot be bothered and probably end up in a worse state than some guys I know. Here are 25 things which no woman will admit to doing…but we all do!

1. Going weeks wearing the same bra without washing it.


When you find your favourite comfy bra you just can’t bare to part with it in the wash.


2. Not exactly following the instructions on the tampon box that tell you to change every 4-6 hours.


I have gone way too long without changing my tampon. Toxic Shock Syndrome? Nah it’ll be fine.


3. Being caught short so using a bit of rolled up toilet paper in place of a tampon.


Every girl has had the mini panic of being out and coming on unexpectedly. If you’re caught without or a tampon a bit of rolled up toilet roll does the trick!


4. Only shaving if really necessary.


This means only shaving your knees when wearing ripped jeans, and when it gets to winter? No chance.


5. At some point, you’ve probably peed in the shower.


Yeah, we’ve all done it, get over it.


6. …and you’ve probably picked your nose as well.


Not very lady like, but what can we do!


7. Removing the dirt under your nails with your other nails, then ogling at the findings.


You’d be surprised just how much crap can live underneath your nails.


8. Sneezing on your period and grimacing at the consequences.


I have never seen that much blood in my life.


9. Going weeks without washing your hair.


Washing it and then drying it and then styling it…why go to all the effort?


10. …and instead, using dry shampoo more times than you probably should.


Dry shampoo has been a godsend on many occasions!


11. Reusing sweaty gym clothes.


There’s no point washing them if they’re only going to get sweaty again…


12. Taking pleasure in peeling off bits of sunburnt skin.


It’s gross but also oddly satisfying.


13. Washing your makeup brushes in…well…never.


What do people actually do that?


14. Picking off your nail polish with your teeth and shoving it down the side of the couch.


Because using nail polish is just so much effort.


15. Finding nothing more satisfying that ripping off blackheads with a strip.


Those charcoal masks are like my favourite thing to do!


16. Smelling your clothes to decide whether to wash/wear.


I don’t want to wash them for no reason do I!


17. Picking at clumps of your mascara.


It’s no wonder I’m barely left with any makeup on my eyes by the end of the day.


18. Fishing down your bra for leftover food.


Ever heard of saving some for later?


19. Removing that stray piece of hair from in between your bum after a shower.


Yep, it’s a thing.


20. Playing with those little facial hairs.


Why get rid of them when they’re just so much fun!


21. Popping a spot is the most satisfying thing in the world.


Even if it’s slightly gross.


22. Smelling your own farts.


More out of curiousity than anything else.


23. …and your armpits.


Well, I gotta know I have to re-deodorize!


24. Making hair art on the shower wall.


Everyone has an artistic side when it comes to playing with your hair and making it stick to the shower wall!


25. Taking no shame in ripping off your bra the second you walk through the door!




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