25 Photos That Will Make Any Perfectionist Cringe

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There is a little bit of a perfectionist in all of us, isn’t there? This means that anything slightly unnatural or abnormal or even out of place – we simply cannot stand it.

Whether it is an odd coloured tile on a floor or something isn’t lined up properly it begins to drive us insane.

Here are 25 images that are bound to bring out the perfectionist inside all of us and drive us a little bit mad.

Are you prepared for some of the most annoying images you will ever see? Well, there’s only one way to find out!

1. Well, that’s one way to keep your fish cold and in the water

Does this make anyone else feel ill? The fact that there are your general bits of food – things that you would find in absolutely everyone’s fridge. But, it is the contents of the tray on the bottom that’s making me extremely uncomfortable. Why are there live fish swimming in the fridge?! Absolutely bizarre!

2. At least the bridge is still being held up

This looks extremely dangerous. Would you even want to drive your car over the top of this or not? If you were on top of the bridge you probably wouldn’t notice how uneven it is. But, from underneath it would put you off for life. Why on earth has this even happened?! Can someone please explain!

3. This person really didn’t think through the layout of their bathroom

Redecorating a house is a LOT of stress. But, what this person didn’t think about was the location of their toilet and the fact they had to actually open the door to get in to the bathroom. Not cute!

4. There is absolutely no logic behind this

In what world can this be used? There is not one person who would be happy using this as their laptop. We can all agree that this is the most ridiculous thing in the world. Imagine having your keyboard and your mouse the other way round on your laptop!?

5. I wonder where that door leads to

Where on earth do you think that this door leads to? Imagine coming from inside that door to walk out and finding out there’s nothing to walk out on to?! I hope that no one has just walked through the door without even looking or thinking what is on the other side?!

6. Stairway to nowhere

The worst thing is that these stairs are a MASSIVE eye sore. So, why on earth would someone want them in the middle of the store?!

7. If that is the disabled access then it must be impossible to try and wheel yourself up there!

Disabled access is there to make people’s lives so much easier. It is law that buildings have this access so people’s lives aren’t restrictive. But how on earth is someone meant to get themselves up there?!

8. That’s one way to avoid doing fitness

This one is quite hilarious when you think about it. They have joined the gym for a reason, but if they can’t bring themselves to even walk up the stairs then they aren’t making the best start, are they?

9. This looks like an extremely cosy set up

Can we all agree that this is a little bit too much. It looks like this is one cosy little room to have to urinals so CLOSE to each other. You wouldn’t want someone weeing next to you if they were that close, would you?

10. The most pointless barrier in the world

This barrier isn’t stopping anybody getting through, is it? They could have spent a little bit more money to extent the barrier and make it safer for everyone.

11. Lets hope no-one tries to turn this tap on!

There will only be horrible things to come if someone tries to turn this tap on. We can all agree that this is some of the worst design in the world… water + electricity = a bad time!

12. I bet they catch some really good footage on that!

Have you seen a bigger waste of money? Why on earth has someone spent hundreds, maybe even thousands, setting up this security camera if they can’t even catch anything going on?!

13. A gift from Canada made in the U.S.A

Wow, this is such a sentimental gift from Canada. Why would someone buy this especially if it says made in the U.S.A right on the front?!

14. Lets hope and pray that no-one tries to open that door

We can all agree that if someone went through that door, they aren’t getting back. This looks extremely dangerous, so why on earth has someone decided that they are going to put a door there?!

15. This is ridiculous

Why has someone who built these train tracks decided that they are going to put a huge obstacle in the middle of them? No train would even be able to get past, would they?!

16. Take a seat and take in the view

Again, another ridiculous expectation for thinking people can actually sit on this bench. There’s nothing more ridiculous than this. They even built through the bench instead of just moving it. Ridiculous!

17. There’s been a huge error when these were getting made

I don’t understand how these printing errors even occur. I am sure that it is just a machine that does all the stitching, so how did it managed to do it upside down when it was programmed to do it the other way?!

18. You either have to jump over the gate or go on the grass to get into this park

Where on earth is the logic behind this!? I can’t believe that someone has decided this is the best way to go about putting a gate up for the park. I am sure local residents must have complained about this because it is just bizarre and a little bit weird!

19. There is no point having a ramp for being with disabilities if they can’t even access it

This is definitely one that is going to be complained about. Why on earth have they blocked the ramp with HUGE steps?! It is law that buildings have access for people with disabilities, but when they can’t even access the ramp then what is the point?!

20. What a beautiful view out that window

Who needs a view when you can just look at bricks on bricks on bricks?!

21. An ATM for children

This is one of the worst placed ATMs to ever exist. Imagine if you had a bad back or didn’t have the ability to crouch or sit down when using this… you would be so upset. I think we can all agree that this is a severe design flaw.

22. Bike lane

There is a HUGE obstacle in the centre of the bike lane. Would you want to ride your bike freely if you had to aware of big white poles sticking out of the ground constantly?!

23. The stairs are actually quite nice

We can all agree that this stair case is actually quite nice. But, what about the fact that they just lead to no where?!

24. The biggest waste of space ever

Can we all agree that this is the biggest waste of space that we have ever seen? There is nothing worse than seeing a waste of money bigger than this.

25. Straight in the hole

Why has someone put a big ditch at the bottom of a kids slide?! This is actually so horrible to do, isn’t it?! We can’t believe that this actually got passed. Surely no parent lets their kid go down a slide like this.

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