23 Photos That Will Make You Cringe

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We can all agree that every single one of these images are completely bizarre. We definitely don’t know how we feel about half of these images, but we are certain that they do make us extremely uncomfortable.

We hope you enjoy them – we definitely did!!


1. I think a lot of us can relate to this

There is nothing more heartbreaking than when you hear how well your friends are doing and you realise you’ve just been sat watching six episodes of Pretty Little Liars every single day. I think we all want to be happy for our friends, but in reality

Image result for type of bread are you

2. I HATED it when stuff like this used to happen

This used to be one of the worst things in the world. When you thought you were welcome at someones house and they only asked their parents when you arrived. There is actually nothing that makes you feel more uncomfortable than this, is there? Were you the kid that always used to do this? The worst kind of people!


3. Does this make anyone else feel seriously uncomfortable?!

The scary thing about this picture is that the heels actually look just like feet. The skin looks like it is an actual foot and the texture does too. We HOPE that this is just a Photoshop genius that has completed this image. Otherise, we feel extremely sorry for the woman that has to live with feet like this!

Image result for will make you feel sick

4. When your mask is taken off and your true identity revealed

Imagine if toucans actually had this. This is another person who is extremely talented on Photoshop. We can all agree that this image is a little bit spooky, isn’t it? Again, this makes us feel seriously uncomfortable.

Image result for rainbow chicken memes

5. Why would someone decide to put their cup holder here?

In what world would someone designing a car think that this is a great space to put a cup holder. This person is lucky that McDonald’s cups are strong enough to not leak through or else they’d be in a lot of trouble and have a lot of cleaning up to do! We are all in agreement that this is not the way to go about storing your cup in your car!

Image result for te hacen sentir incomodo

6. Wow.

There are actually no words for this. The actual shape of the shoe is really nice… but it is what is actually on the shoe that is making everyone feel ill. There is nothing worse than matted hair… so why has someone decided to put this matted hair on a shoe?! Absolutely gross!!

Image result for shaving legs meme

7. How on earth would you even sit on this chair?

Can we all confirm that this is the most impossible thing in the world. Why has a chair been invented that looks like this. Imagine the amount of back pain you would be in if you decided that you were going to sit on this chair. To be fair, you probably wouldn’t even be able to balance on the chair, would you?!

Image result for uncomfortable project

8. What?

Is this stressing anyone else out a ridiculous amount. How many different materials can be used in such a tiny little section on the ground? It seems like someone has gone to an extensive effort to try and tile this area and failed absolutely miserably!

Image result for cobblestone

9. What an awkward place to put a clock

Not only is the positioning of this clock completely absurd, it is also one of the tiniest clocks ever to say it’s being displayed on a tall building. Why wouldn’t they put it in the centre of the tower instead of dangling off the side?


10. Which two would you pick?

A lot of people would struggle when they wanted to pick two of these things. There are only three outcomes that you can pick, but which would you go for? Or are you not particularly interested in one of these things?


11. Gross!

That is one commute that she will probably never forget for the rest of her life. This poor girl probably travels every day to get to work, but what a way to start your day with this ghastly sight to look at. I feel sorry for the girl but I also feel a little bit sorry for the man because he probably doesn’t know his butt cheeks are out!


12. Out of everything you could get pierced… why your toe nail?!

Why on earth has this person thought that getting his toe nail pierced was a good idea? I think the worst part of this whole image is the fact that his toes are so hairy!

Image result for toe piercing through nail

13. Does this confuse anyone else?!

They are clearly normal sized lips, but the teeth are just not in proportion to the rest of this person’s face. If you have the patience, could you sit and count how many teeth there are on this person? They weirdly remind me of dolphin teeth!

Image result for smile with too many teeth

14. There are no words for this one

I think the term ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’ is very apt here. We can all agree that this isn’t the best image we have ever seen… it definitely make some of us feel a little bit uncomfortable!!

Image result for Testicle

15. Hairy cheese

Why ruin a perfectly good piece of cheese by stringing matted, thin hair all over it? I think that cheese is one of the greatest things to have ever happened to us… so why on earth would someone ruin it by giving this cheese a weird make over with this wig?!

Image result for cheese with hair art

16. We hope that these aren’t real false teeth!

We can all agree that this probably isn’t the best place to store your USB device, is it? There is nothing clever about walking around with a huge metal device in your dentures… So, we really hope that this is just a funny way to hide your USB stick if you have some secretive things on there. No one would ever suspect that your USB would be stuck in some dentures, would they?!

Image result for funny usb stick

17. This isn’t even that weird, but at first glance it makes us feel seriously uncomfortable!

There is nothing too abnormal about this image. This woman has only put her hands in her tights, but the weird thing is how odd it actually looks at first glance?!

Image result for liza wolters

18. The worlds most oddly shaped glass ever

This is easily one of the most oddly shaped glasses out there. On what planet would you even be able to get to your wine if you were drinking from this glass. In my opinion, I would just ditch the glass and drink straight from the bottle.

Image result for uncomfortable

19. Surely this isn’t a toothbrush

I think that the whole bristles of this toothbrush are missing. Why on earth has OraCare allowed this toothbrush to go on sale without the key ingredient?! Someone will definitely have sent in a complain if they had purchased this, wouldn’t they?!

Image result for things that make you uncomfortable

20. Wow that looks JUST LIKE Justin Bieber

There are some absolutely fantastic cake makers out there. But, when you try to DIY and save some cash it may not go as planned. We probably can only tell that this was meant to be Justin Bieber based on the picture beside the cake. Would you be a little bit disappointed if someone gave you this for your birthday?

Image result for justin bieber cake fail

21. Hand soap

This is just a little bit creepy. It looks like the hand is trying to get free or offer you something.

Image result for annoy people with ocd

22. This just SCREAMS claustrophobic!!

It would be an absolute nightmare if you had to get in that when you were scared of small spaces. I think we can all agree that this is the worlds tiniest lift… would you even get in there?! I know for a fact that I wouldn’t!

Image result for kolmion muotoinen hissi

23. What is going on here?!

It is clear that this is the most useless watering can you could ever see. Firstly, why would you have plants inside the watering can and secondly why on earth would the head for it be tilted backwards so much?!

Image result for Design

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