20 Things That Wind Every Single Person In The World Up

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OMG so annoying.

1. When your bedsheets do this.


2. When you sit on your sofa, start to relax then realise your remote is on the other side of the room.

3. Or when you get into bed, start nodding off and then you start to need a wee.

And you know that you can’t risk trying to sleep through it because you know you’ll end up waking up in a puddle of your own piss.

4. Going on holiday to somewhere, anywhere sunny that isn’t England and it rains.

Even an hour of rain just isn’t acceptable.

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 10.47.28

5. When you’re getting off a train/tram/bus and the people trying to get on start getting on before you’re off.

So then it turns into some sort of turf war. Shoulder barging the f*ck out of people. Man, woman and child, you don’t care, they’re getting shoved out the way.


6. You’re walking down the road and you see someone walking towards you looking at their phone, not looking up, still looking at their phone…..still looking.

So you have to guess where they’re about to go without walking into them and not losing your sh*t. MOVE OUT OF THE F*CKING WAY AND GET YOUR IGNORANT HEAD AWAY FROM YOUR PHONE FOR ONE SECOND!!!!!!

7. You sit down for your daily poop and find out that the toilet rolls been used. All of the toilet roll has been used.

This has definitely happened to anyone who lives with an inconsiderate person.


8. When you get on public transport and some selfish c*nt has taken up the only space that’s left with their SH*T bag.

for story ci-bagblog28 I hope your bag is comfortable... http://ihopeyourbagiscomfortableasshole.tumblr.com/

9. When someone’s kids are screaming down the supermarket, the whole way round…non stop.

SORRY parents, I know it’s not your fault and I’m sure you hate it to. But it’s annoying. Please sellotape your kids mouths shut next time. Thank you.




11. When people let their kids just sit there with snot and god knows what else all over their face.

It’s disgusting. No one wants to see it. Please use a kleenex.

Kids Like It Dirty (05)

12. When someone decides to leave their shopping trolley in a driving space.

And then you piss yourself with excitement at the fact theres a space, but you realise when it’s too late that it’s not.


13. Or what’s even better is when you see people who quite clearly aren’t disabled/don’t have a child in their car park in a parent & child/disabled spot and waddle their fat lazy arses into the supermarket, while you’re struggling to find a space with your 5 kids in the back of the car.

SELFISH TO THE CORE. Don’t do it, it’s not acceptable. I will kick your arse if I see you do that.


14. Cyclists.

Sorry if you’re a cyclist, I’m sure you’re one of the innocent ones. But when you’re plodding along in your car in rush hour traffic on a rainy Monday morning and some cyclist just decides to swerve in front of you so you have to jam your breaks on before you plough into them and it be your fault for running them over, it’s annoying. Not all cyclists do it, but a lot who live in big cities do. Stop it acting like arse*oles. RANT OVER.


15. Bad customer service skills.

What’s even more annoying is that there are hundreds of people out of work, who would probably have much better customer service skills than Carol the b*tch who serves me in Costa Coffee every morning. I’m sure she doesn’t put sugar in my coffee on purpose too.


16. When you drop a whole roll of toilet paper down the bog and you’ve got to pick it out manually.

What’s even worse is when you’ve already done a wee in there and it’s just plonked in there, covered in urine.


17. When someone shouts you (usually your mum) you reply, they don’t answer so you keep shouting “what” at the top of your voice and they don’t reply.

This really grinds my gears. Yes I’m talking about you mother.

18. When there’s been an accident on the motorway but everyone decides to crawl past it at snails pace just to see what’s going on.

BC9P3M Congested M25 Motorway at Junction 14, Greater London, England, United Kingdom. Image shot 2009. Exact date unknown.

19. Or when you get into your bed at a hotel (or shall I say fight your way into your bed) and you feel like you’re being restrained in a straight jacket.

Like seriously, what do those hotel maids do to the beds?! It’s like the sheets are gluing you to the bed.


20. Or what about those people who think it’s acceptable to chomp loudly in work when they’re eating their lunch?!

Errrrr, HELLO?!?!!?!!?!!?!!??!!?!?!!?!?!!?!!?!?!?! SHUT YOUR MOUTH YOUR DISGUSTING CREATURE.

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