20 Fascinating Pictures Of Hands That Will Make You Question Everything.

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It is amazing how much we need our hands in life. They do pretty much everything for us… but some of these images show that these people’s hands can do a┬áLOT more weird stuff than we expect!

Here are 20 WEIRD pictures of hands that will definitely put you on edge and make you feel seriously uneasy.


1. How does this not break her fingers?!

She is obviously putting a LOT of pressure on her fingers by trying to bend them back this way! This surely can’t be comfortable…

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2. Bendy thumbs!

His thumbs go out at proper right angles! Can you believe that someone can actually make their thumbs look this abnormal?! It looks like he is using a LOT of muscles to try and get his thumbs to look like this!

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3. Even BENDIER thumbs!

Wow! Not only does this look ridiculously painful, but what was she doing in the first place to discover that she could actually do this with her body?! This is not cute!

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4. This has completely weirded me out!

This is clearly photoshopped, but how does this image make you feel? Imagine actually having miniature hands on the end of each finger. Do you think that it’d be helpful or completely weird?

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5. How has this person angled their finger this way?!

Although this looks like they have broken their finger, it is definitely still a party trick to show off all the time! Surely they must have broken this finger at some point for it to look like this!

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6. Surely they dislocate their thumb when doing this?!

What… there are no words to describe this!

Image result for weird pictures of hands

7. This looks as complicated as a Rubix Cube

I thought that this was photoshopped, but there actually has to be logic behind folding your fingers in this abnormal way.

Image result for weird pictures of hands

8. This looks like it’d be uncomfortable to hold your hands in this position for a long amount of time

Surely this isn’t normal… Can you see that it looks like a snake?

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9. This is some INCREDIBLE art

I really had to double take when I first saw this image. This must have taken ages to complete! This is definitely perfect for Halloween.

Image result for weird pictures of hands

10. Not only are these horrific but they are just so impractical?!

Why on earth would someone think it’s a good idea to get their nails done like this? Surely these are so impractical for day to day life? These are possibly the most tacky nails out there!

Image result for disgusting acrylic

11. No-one’s fingers should bend backwards like that!

This person HAS to be double jointed!

Image result for flexible hands

12. Surely not?!

This is making me cringe so badly. Someone has actually bent their forefinger back THAT much that it reaches the back of their hand?! Does this make anyone else feel seriously uncomfortable?

Image result for flexible hands

13. These fingers aren’t even photoshopped

That means that this person was born with fingers THIS long. These long and slender fingers probably put a lot of our chunky, fat fingers to shame!

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14. Why has someone qualified in nails if the outcome is this?

Why has someone actually got decided to ruin someone’s nails like this? They have actually just splodged pure nail varnish onto the nail and waited for it to set. You could definitely sue someone for this…

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15. Bendy Wendy

Surely this would be painful? Why would someone even want to try and bend their finger back this much? It does not look remotely comfortable!

Related image

16. WHAT?!

The odd thing about these pictures is that someone has actually sat there and tried to bend their fingers in the most weird way possible. Surely this must have hurt?

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17. This is fantastic!

Obviously, someone has gotten extremely good at makeup and has been really experimental with the types of things they are trying out. This is another classic to whip out at Halloween time. You would be terrified if you saw this!

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18. This doesn’t look THAT abnormal, but try wrapping your thumb and your pinky around you wrist

For those of you that tried it, it is near enough impossible unless you have the smallest wrists about. So, this person either has tiny wrists or massive hands!

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19. Another set of hands that defy normal laws

Your hands aren’t programmed to be that bendy. So, how on earth has this person managed to bend their fingers back like this?! This is putting me on edge. Has anyone tried this to see how far their fingers go back naturally?

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This abnormal, crooked hand only looks like this because the person is purposely making their hand look like this!

Image result for weird pictures of hands

Can you do any of these weird things with your hands? Or would you not even like to try it?!

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