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We have all seen our fair share of footy lookalikes in our time, but we have gathered an amazing collection of celebrities that look like some of the best footballers in the world. The likeness of these is absolutely incredible. So enjoy our list.

1) Jermaine Pennant and John Legend.

This one is undeniable, just like both of the stars fall from grace. Jermaine Pennant is now mixing it up with Billericay Town Football Club and lets be honest, when was the last time we heard a John Legend song on the radio.

2) Gianluigi Buffon and William Fichtner.

Two legends. A loyal and patriotic goalkeeper and a loveable FBI agent who picks the right side in the end as William Fichtner plays Alex Mahone in Prison Break. A very likeable duo, but which is which?

3) Jack Rodwell and Taylor Lautner.

One of them is a world famous actor, voice artist and model. The other cant get a game for Sunderland in the Championship. I know who wins this one.

4) Rustu Recber and Oded Fehr.

The war paint wearing Turkish, ex Barcelona goalkeeper looks frighteningly similar to The Mummy star Oded Fehr. This is definitely a duo I wouldn’t like to mess with.

5) Pavel Nedved and Patrick Swayze.

Both dancers in their own rights too. Patrick Swayze of the dirty dancing variety and Pavel Nedved used to dance past opposing midfields like they didn’t exist.

6) Xavi and Josh Radnor.

Well the pass master may look just like the How I Met Your Mother star, but I think that may well be where their similarities end.

7) Xavi Alonso and Jason Bateman.

Jason Bateman is a money launderer in his latest tv series and Xavi Alonso has been at the top of the footballing pyramid  for so long, he could probably use Batemans services.

8) Joe Hart and James Van Der Beek.

Look at the similarities on this photo. I bet they even share shampoo due to Joe Harts sponsorship deal. There will be no dandruff in those two barnets.

9) Michael Ballack and Matt Damon.

Two very smooth operators, who very rarely get the credit they deserve. Michael Ballack truly was one of the best around when he was playing, and we all love the Bourne collection. Congrats on strong careers to the pair of them.

10) Gervinho and Predator.

This one is quite harsh, but just as accurate as the rest of them. Somehow Gervinho looks like Predator! He has now put his dreaded Arsenal and Roma days behind him and has gone looking for some proper football, in the Chinese Leagues.

11) Iker Casillas and Seann William Scott.

The American Pie actor and the Spanish goalkeeper share a lot of the same features. They also both stand out for one certain job. Iker will always be remembered as a Real Madrid legend, despite now playing in Portugal for Porto. And Seann William Scott, despite how many films he stars in, will always be Steve Stiffler.

12) Demba Ba and Tyrese Gibson.

Demba Ba must have mixed feeling about this lookalike. Yes of course, he is being told that he looks like Tyrese Gibson, the model. But he is a good 6 years younger than Tyrese.

13) Adnan Januzaj and Macaulay Culkin.

Very similar in terms of both looks and careers. They both showed a lot of early potential before throwing it all away. I bet none of them are struggling for cash though.

14) Dimitar Berbatov and Andy Garcia.

Two absolute dons. You could picture both of them sitting playing poker against each other, smoking big cuban cigars. These two are almost twins and have the same cool, calm personality traits.

15) Diego Millito and Rocky Balboa.

Look at these two! If Rocky was wearing an Inter Milan top you literally wouldn’t know which one was which. Both passionate performers who share much more than their looks and hair.

16) Luka Modric and David Guetta.

WOW! Both pretty much the master in their field. One music master and one midfield maestro. The hair, the eyes.. These two must be related.

17) Fernando Torres and Bruno.

This pair both look like a pair of male hairdressers. Especially Bruno with his pink jumper. Fernando was deadly for Liverpool back in the day though we must not forget, then that 50 million price tag ruined him.

18) Andrea Pirlo and Chuck Norris.

Well then, what do we have here. Perhaps two of the greatest men to ever walk the planet, and they are almost identical twins too. Madness. Who would win in an arm wrestle?

19) Jonjo Shelvey and Dr. Evil.

Here we have one nasty little piece of work, and Dr. Evil out of Austin Powers. These two share an awful lot of traits, apart from the footballing ability. Nobody can deny Shelvey has some serious technique despite what we all think of him.

20) Karim Benzema and Shia Lebeouf.

This one is ridiculous. From the hair to the facial hair, there really is not a lot splitting these two. Both very talented at what they do too.


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