19 Weird Things Americans Do That Confuse The Rest Of The World

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Every country is different, some countries being more different than others.

Some examples of this is China, where they sell shark heads and giant worm type creatures in their local supermarkets. Or in Russia where they sell straight vodka in juice cartons with a straw. It might seem crazy to us, but to them it’s the complete norm and they probably think what we do is completely strange.

You might think we’re a lot like America in some ways, but think again, here are the best examples of the differences between American and British culture and habits.

I mean, even Donald is baffled by some of these differences.

1. Toilet bowls have so much water in them.

We’re supposed to be looking after the environment, not using every bit of it’s natural resources we can get our grubby mits on. It’s pretty alarming how much water they actually use.

2. American bread sticks are actually just baguettes, not small, crunchy sticks.

Baguettes are delicious, there’s no disputing that, but they’re not bread sticks. Sort your shit out USA, you’re doing it all wrong.

Some might argue that these fresh baguettes are actually a lot better than UK breadsticks though. What you you think?

3. The way they show TV timings like “8.7c”.


4. Where are the kettles? How do they make tea?

Seriously though, how are they supposed to make a decent cup of tea? What the hell do they do when they get English friends round?

All you seem to see in thre US is these things (see below), part of me wishes we had more of these in the UK

5. The fact you can get yourself into a prestigious college, just by being good at sport.

So you don’t have to have the brains, just the brawn.

There is a bit of difference between US and UK college/University students:

6. College-level sports have a MASSIVE fan base.

When I say HUGE I mean as big as football is over here. You’d struggle to get two mates to come to your house to watch a uni sports match.

We have this

7. The weird gaps in public bathroom stalls.

Why do they have gaps in between the bathroom stalls? I literally can’t get my head around it, no one wants to see you having a number 2.

8. High school graduations.

Over here, we do our exams, leave and go home to wait for our results day.

We have graduations for uni students. Over there however….they have graduations for pretty much every year & they’re much fancier than the ones we have.

In the UK, this is the best we get.

9. The fact they call biscuits ‘cookies’.

They’re not called cookies. Cookies are those delicious things with chocolate chips in. Only a cookie is a cookie.

We pride ourselves on Biscuits in the UK, which is why we cannot face the fact that they disgrace the name with a ‘cookie’.

10. The fact they put that weird white gravy on scones.

This is just a travesty & they call them biscuits and serve them with weird white gravy. So biscuits are called cookies & scones are called biscuits???????? WHAT THE EFF.

This is what a real cream tea scone should look like, a bit of strawberry jam followed by lappings of cream.

11. Washing machines are usually in their own rooms.

Just when you thought American couldn’t get more ridiculous, a lot of them have rooms just for the washing machine and dryer etc. As if their kitchens weren’t big enough to fit them in?

This is only the case in the UK if you have some serious money and can afford to use a spare room for laundry. Why waste a room??

12. The fact they don’t include tax in the price of things.

So when you get to the counter & think you know how much you’ve spent, add on about $30 for the tax. Why be so annoying?

We all like to moan about tax, but this just makes it even worse.

13. The way they date things.

And they slag us off for driving on the left side of the road. It’s day/month/year, not the other way around you sickos!

14. Plugs don’t have an on/off switch.

Anyone else noticed how crap the electricity over there is? My hairdryer could hardly blow any air out, I may as well have left it to dry naturally it took so long. And isn’t it a bit dangerous to not have an on/off button?

Please just give us a standard plug, with three prongs and a switch. The following image is beautiful.

15. People don’t get excited over advent calendars at Christmas.

They’re just not that common in America. I wonder how they countdown to Christmas then? How rude…

16. And neither are Easter eggs.

So how do they celebrate Easter? I don’t get it? What do the kids get excited about because that’s the only exciting thing about Easter? Oh, and the bank holiday OBVS.

They’re more into the actual rabbits

17. They don’t drink squash/cordial.

WHAT?! No Vimto? Imagine life without a cold glass of Vimto. What do they drink other than fizzy pop? No wonder they’re enormous!

Having said that, whooooo lovesss orange soda

18. They also don’t really drink tea.

So forget about buying a pack of PG Tips over there. The tea over there is usually cold or iced in a jug full of fruit.

How can you try and bluff that iced tea is the real deal?

19. American Lemonade isn’t fizzy.

Yes, you heard correctly. They don’t have fizzy lemonade, well, they do but when you see people selling Lemonade on the edge of their street in movies, it’s not fizzy.

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