17 Strange Things Discovered At Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch

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The Neverland Ranch is a property development in California. It was named Neverland after the fantasy island in Peter Pan, a film about a boy who never grows up.

The ranch is around 3,000 acres and is now owned by the Estate of Michael Jackson.

There aren’t loads that we know about this ranch, but there are some extremely odd things that have been discovered there. Prior to his trial back in 2005, the police had a warrant to raid his estate and what they found was pretty disturbing.

Take a look at what was found in the King of Pop’s theme park…

1. Life-sized children dolls

Yes, this is as creepy as it sounds. Throughout the park, there were life sized dolls of children dotted around. As you can probably tell, these served absolutely no purpose and are just strange. You would be so scared if you were walking around the theme park and saw one of these!

2. A door knocker featuring two boys kissing on it

The odd thing about this is the fact that it is of two boys that are kissing. There were many rumours flying around about Michael Jackson and finding odd things like this didn’t fill people with confidence.

3. Statues of half naked boys

Dotted around the park, there were statues of half naked boys. You can agree that there is something a little odd about having these around the park everywhere.

4. An extremely detailed drawing of Michael Jackson leading a whole bunch of kids

This begs the questions, whereabouts do you think he is taking them in this image? He has obviously employed someone to completely this magnificent drawing of him leading hundreds and hundreds of children somewhere.  The black and white drawing is framed up on the wall with a golden picture at the top. This can be found in the Neverland theme park.

5. A gold throne for just Michael

If you owned a whole theme park, then naturally the one thing that you would be doing is having a HUGE gold throne all to yourself. Do you reckon he actually used to sit on this back in the day? We can all agree that if we owned our own theme park then we would most definitely have a throne for ourselves. There is nothing that looked more regal than a gold throne. So, could there be anything more fitting for the King of Pop?

6. A fortune teller

We can all agree that fortune tellers are just creepy by default. Do you reckon that this got used a lot when they were at the theme park? I wonder what fortunes she had to tell. I think this would have been extremely creepy, do you not agree?

7. Statues of fairy children

Initially, when you hear that there are statues of fairy children dotted around the theme park you wouldn’t seem that off putting. But, when you realise that there were statues of children barely dressed nearby you begin to wonder what he was thinking about having these in his theme park. This is quite disturbing if you think about it!

8. Real life elephants

If everything else wasn’t enough, he actually brought in real life elephants to have on the park. Obviously, they must have been well fed and looked after appropriately for him to be allowed them on his land. Sadly, it isn’t the kind of life that you want when you are an animal that belongs in a much bigger space. You can agree that elephants are some of the biggest mammals in the world and they are NOT something to look at for our own entertainment.

9.  A life sized Power Ranger

This was another completely bizarre thing that was found in the theme park. The fact that he had a life sized power ranger on his park makes you ask a lot of questions.

10. Bumper Cars

Now, this is an absolute classic when it comes to any theme park. There is nothing better than playing on these bumper cars, is there? But, it seems a little bit ridiculous to have a full bumper car game set up on your private land. Well, Michael Jackson really didn’t care what other people thought of him and anything he wanted, he had! It must have been pretty cool to have this in your back garden to play with whenever you wanted!

11. Passenger Trains

To get around the whole of the theme park, there were passenger trains that people could get on. There were two of these that used to run around the park on a frequent basis so you didn’t have to walk around as much. How glorious would it be if your house was that big that you had to have trains to get yourself around?! It is completely bizarre when you think about it! The trains would be a good enough ride in themselves.

12. Giraffes

Just like the elephants, this is another fairly cruel thing that he had in his back garden. Not only is it cruel but it is just bizarre that he wanted to have giraffes in his theme park. I wonder what purpose they served? The only thing they would have done was stand there and made the park look more exciting.

13. A carousel

No theme park can be classed as completely unless there’s a carousel there. Naturally, carousel’s are a little bit creepy too, aren’t they? I think that it is usually the weird music that plays in the background when they are spinning around!

14. An outdoor concert venue

The space he had to play around with was so massive that he actually had an outdoor concert venue that he could use whenever he pleased. We understand how big a stage actually is, so the space must have been massive. How cool must have going to a private event have been? We definitely couldn’t believe it if Michael Jackson did a private show in his back garden. It would be truly magnificent.

15. Alpacas

Alpacas are extremely odd animals. They are known for spitting and the cute little tufts of fluff on top of their heads.  But, what on earth did Michael Jackson want with Alpacas in his own space? We can’t imagine why he decided to have such an odd collection of animals in his theme park. He must have employed someone to look after every single one of these animals to make sure they were in the best condition.

16. A huge ferris wheel

Ferris wheels are amazing. The biggest cities in the world all have a big wheel that you can go on. For example, the London Eye is essentially a ferris wheel on a HUGE scale. Imagine having one of these in your back garden. You probably do need to go on one to see the huge theme park all at once!

17. A herd of cows

It seems extremely odd to have gone from things as tropical and wild as elephants and giraffes, to something so simple as a herd of cows. All animals are equal, but for us here in the UK we probably don’t realise or understand the logic in his head behind wanting a herd of cows to be in his back garden. This is probably because wherever you drive in the UK, you go past fields and fields of cows, don’t you?!

So, do you think that all these things found in Michael Jackson’s theme park were absolutely ridiculous?! Or, would you have loved to have visit this wonderland!? We don’t know any other celebrity who would have been as eccentric as to do this. Can you think of any?

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