17 Rare Photos Of 9/11 You Probably Haven't Seen Before

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Yesterday marked the 16 year anniversary since one of the worst terror attacks in history. An estimated two billion people around the world watched what was going on that day in New York on TV, that’s  a third of the human race. Almost 3,000 innocent people died that day, including police men and women, firefighters and ambulance staff.

Hundreds of memorials, dedications, flagpoles, crucifixes and artworks have been made using the steel from Ground Zero. They include a cross in Shanksville, Philadelphia where the United 93 plane crashed. It was made out of steel from the North Tower and a Memory and Light monument in Padua, Italy.

There is still a lot of footage that hasn’t been seen today, people who took from the street, from other buildings near by and even from a far. RIP to everyone who lost their lives on that tragic day and our thoughts are with anyone who had friends and family who lost their lives that day.

1. People standing at Park Row and Beekman Street looking up as the South Tower began to collapse.

People stood together while they watched the first tower collapse in front of their eyes. It was sad enough to watch from your television screen, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to have witnessed it with your own eyes.

2. A man catching the moment before the second plane hit the other tower.

A photographer leaned out of his window with a medium-format camera and caught the moment right before the second plane hit. The number of children who lost a parent on 9/11 was 3,051. 17 babies were born to women whose husbands died during the attacks.

3. People jumping from the towers.

This disturbing and heartbreaking image shows how desperate people must have been to escape the flames that engulfed the towers. Floors 93-99 of the North Tower were hit by the plane and just over 15 minutes later, Flight 175 hit floors 75-85 of the South Tower. After the North Tower was hit, tenants of the South Tower were originally instructed to remain in the tower before being told to evacuate. There was an estimated 10,000 to 14,000 people already evacuating the tower as the second plane hit.

4. People running down Broadway to escape the smoke and dust cloud from the collapsing World Trade Center buildings.

A lot of people were caught up in the smoke and dust clouds that were caused from the towers collapsing. People who were caught up in it suffered from lung related problems and some people even died due to these health issues. RIP.

5. A photo taken from an apartment four blocks away.

You can see the North Tower on fire through this fish eye lens. Smoke streams from the North Tower within minutes of the first plane’s attack. When the 9/11 ring leader Mohamed Atta checked in at Logan airport in Boston, his name triggered an alert on the airport’s security system and his bags were never put in the plane’s hold.

6. A man continues his work.

Work continued for some people in New York City that day. Some people were completely unaware that two terror attacks had just gone on.

7. A photo taken from a Brooklyn window showing American Airlines Flight 11 approach & hit the North tower.

You can see the American Airlines Flight 11 plane approach the North Towers in the upper right-hand corner. The images were shot from a Brooklyn window and was part of an ongoing Internet art exhibition that displayed updated panoramas of downtown Manhattan every four seconds. A time code can be seen in the lower right-hand corner of each frame.

8. The South tower collapsing with the debris raining everywhere.

As the South Tower collapsed, passengers and crew members aboard the hijacked Flight 9contact their friends and family and learn about the terror attacks in New York and Washington. They attempted to retake the plane before the hijackers crashed it into a field in Somerset County, Pennsylvania killing all 40 passengers and crew aboard.

9. The South tower collapsing.

This photo was taken from a street view below the South Tower. The South Tower of the World Trade Centre collapsed 56 minutes after impact. Hundreds, even thousands were stuck in the building when the tower collapsed.

10. A woman who hadn’t realised there was a terror attack.

Architect and Amateur pilot Isabel Daser was eight months pregnant when she asked her co-worker to take a photo of her as a record of the day. She had realised a terror attack had just happened. Some of the people behind her were crowding outside this store to look up at the towers and see what was going on.

11. As the plane slammed into the South tower.

Brian Clark is one of only 4 people who survived the South Tower collapse and worked above the impact. He had just escaped the building as the South Tower started to collapse. He and his co-worker were 2 of the last 25 people to exit the building. Only 2 other people exited the building behind Brian and his coworker and managed to escape with their lives.

12. A lone man runs down Broadway to escape the debris and dust cloud.

The official death count was raised by 1 earlier this year. A man named Jerry Borg, an accountant and part-time actor died in late 2010 from a lung disease caused by inhaling the dust close to the World Trade Center. RIP.

13. 9/11.

John Patrick O’Neill, a special agent in charge at the FBI, who had investigated al-Qaeda and the first attack on the World Trade Center in 1993, left the FBI due to policy disagreements. He took up a new job as head of security at the World Trade Center, he sadly lost his life on 9/11.

14. A woman and her baby on a Brooklyn rooftop shortly after the collapse of the towers.

Even when horrific things like this happen, people have to continue with their own lives.

15. A satellite image of the smoke coming from New York City made early September 12.

It took firefighters 100 days to extinguish all of the fires ignited by the attacks in New York. NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), which is responsible for defending US airspace, simulated four plane hijackings in the week prior to 9/11 and another was scheduled for the morning of the attacks.

16. A view from behind the Empire State building show the towers on fire.

One of the unsung heroes of 9/11 was a guide dog, Roselle, who led her blind owner, Michael Hingson down 78 storeys of the North Tower and to the home of a friend.

17. Several buildings collapsed in the Trade Centre complex after the attack.

Only 291 bodies were recovered intact from Ground Zero. Parents of 22-year-old Lisa Anne Frost, who was a passenger on United Flight 175 that hit the South Tower, had to wait over a year to find anything belonging to their daughter. Workers sifted through more than one million tons of debris, looking for remains and personal effects. 65,000 items were found including 437 watches and 144 wedding rings.


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