16 Strict Laws That Exist Only In North Korea

No one really knows too much about North Korea, it’s the most controlled country in the entire world, with the population having no access at all to anyone outside of North Korea. The country is a mystery to us and the only information we get is through photos that have been smuggled out. It’s an extremely isolated and secretive place to go and the outsiders that are allowed in have to pay a pretty hefty price before they’re even allowed near.

Kim Jong-Un, the leader of the Worker’s Party of Korea was the second child of Kim Jong-il and Ko Yung-hui and before taking power, he was rarely seen in public and many of his activities and his government are completely unknown. Even details about the year he was born or whether he attended a Western school are difficult to confirm. He’s known as for being a harsh dictator and in 2013, official North Korean news outlets released reports that he had ordered the execution of his uncle due to “treachery”. He is also believed to have ordered the assassination of his brother, Kim Jong-nam in Malaysia earlier this year.

There have been numerous assassination attempts against Kim Jong-un including one earlier this year made by the CIA and South Korean intelligence. They’d hired a lumberjack who worked in Russia to assassinate Kim with a “biochemical weapon” that was both radioactive and nano-poisonous.

Here are some pretty strange laws that North Koreans have to live by…..(they’ll make you appreciate life a bit more)

1. Government hair cuts.

Imagine being told how to have your hair cut and if you didn’t have it cut that certain way, you could face imprisonment? Well, we’re lucky and most people in the world have the right to do what they want with their hair. People in North Korea don’t. There are 28 government approved hair styles in North Korea and that’s it. There are 10 for men and 18 for women and if you don’t follow by the standards you can get into serious trouble.

2. Living in the big city.

You can’t just move to the capital in North Korea. If we get bored of where we’re living, we have every right to just get up and move to another city but if you want to live in North Korea’s capital Pyongyang, then you need to get permission from the government.

3. Voting is mandatory.

We don’t HAVE to vote. I mean, I’d always try to persuade someone to vote because it’s a waste & some countries don’t even have that right, but in North Korea, voting is mandatory meaning it’s illegal not to vote as the government mandates that all citizens MUST vote. Oh, and the government also demands that everyone votes for the same person.

4. The TV.

North Korea controls every single channel it’s citizens can watch. There are only 3 channels to choose from and they’re very strictly controlled by the government.

5. Controlled religion.

North Korea keep a very tight control over religion. If you’re caught carrying a bible or any religious text, you can be imprisoned and even executed. The government in North Korea believe that if the people believe in a higher power than the government, then there could be a revolt.

6. Family punishment.

The threat of prison and severe punishment always weighs heavy over North Koreans. If someone commits a crime then their whole family could face punishment, not just them.

7. Three classes.

There is a three-caste system in North Korea that was established by Kim II Sung in 1957 to control his populace. Society is broken down into three classes: core, wavering and hostiles with the most loyal to the government being placed in the ‘core’.

8. Human waste.

Farm land is usually fertilised by using animal waste, this happens in most countries around the world and if they don’t have enough animal waste, they get it shipped from other countries. Well, South Korea stopped receiving fertilizer for its farm land from South Korea back in 2008. Ever since then, they’ve been using human waste as a trade for animal waste. Every factory is made to supply as much human waste as they need.

9. There’s no escaping the country.

You can’t get in or out of the country unless you get permission. If you’re caught trying to escape you will either be executed or put into a labour camp. It’s hard to get into the country but it’s even harder to get out.

10. Google is a NO NO.

The only people who are allowed access to the internet in North Korea are political leaders and their families, students who are studying at elite universities and members of the military’s cyber welfare department. No one is allowed to go on Google and you can forget about anyone having Facebook or Instagram.

11. There’s a state made web.

Computers are also made by a state operating system, there are no Windows or Macs in North Korea so there’s no chance of anyone seeing anything they shouldn’t. They’re completely blocked out from the outside world and the only thing they can see is whats been put in front of them.

12. No WI-FI.

You might have been wondering about the WI-FI situation, if they can’t go on Google or have a normal computer, then you probably guessed that WI-FI is banned in North Korea. WI-FI has also been banned at North Korean embassies around the world.

13. Tourism.

Some people manage to get themselves into North Korea and if you’re lucky enough to be allowed a visit, then your every move is watched by a government official. Every step you take, literally every step you take is being watched. Every interaction, photograph and visit must first be approved by the government. You can’t just walk around with a camera attached to yourself, you have to get permission to take photos.

14. Military women.

The women in North Kore’a military have to endure extremely difficult conditions. They all have to have the same hair cut (as you might have guessed) and they’re all required to march in unison. If any one of them take a misstep, they could all be sent to a labour camp, which would be way worse the than military.

15. Driving in North Korea.

North Korean citizens aren’t allowed to drive, only government-sanctioned individuals are allowed to own and drive a car. The rest of the population can forget about buying cars over there.

16. You’re not allowed to make international calls.

You’re not allowed to make international calls in North Korea and if you make a call without permission, then you’re putting your life at risk. In 2007, it was reported that a man was shot and killed for making a number of international calls without having permission. It sounds crazy to us, but this is how Kim Jon Un keeps the population of North Korea under complete control.

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