16 Problems You'll Understand If You're A Short Girl

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Being short is a curse. Whilst there are some little benefits of being short – like fitting into the middle seat in the car or being a boss at hide and seek – there are also a lot of downfalls to being small.

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Here are 16 problems that all us small people face…

1. ‘Ankle Crop’ jeans trail on for an extra mile off your leg

You buy ankle crop jeans because they are fashionable at the moment. However, for you and your short legs, they aren’t exactly cropped at the ankle. There’s nothing more irritating than having to get them tailored when all you want to do is just wear them.

2. You never get to see anything at gigs

Going to concerts is one of the most stressful things in the world. We try our hardest to see what’s going on, but the reality is that all we see is the backs of heads and backs as we’re lost in a sea of people. If you’re with nice people they will try and push for you to be at the front or someone will grab you and put you on their shoulders.

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3. Trying to tiptoe so you’re the same height as your friends in full-length photos

You stand on your tiptoes to make yourself as tall as possible in photos with your friends. The worst thing in the world is when your friends make you stand at the front because you’re smallest and can stand in front without blocking anyone’s face.

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4. Feeling the need to wear heels to even the most casual event

No matter the event, we feel like we need to wear heels. This is because otherwise, we are absolutely miniature. The only good thing that has come of this is that we can walk in heels like a pro!

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5. Finding that really small boys go for you so they feel tall

There isn’t any rule about this, but usually, the boy is taller than the girl. So, lots of smaller boys tend to go for smaller girls. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, is it?

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6. Trying to speak to your friends in the club and making them crouch down three ft just so they can hear you

We have to be the annoying friend in the club that shouts at the top of our lungs just so our friends can hear us. We can all agree that this is seriously annoying, but with having small legs we can’t help it. What people don’t realise is that yes, we may be small but we are definitely mighty and can shout very loudly.

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7. Always getting questioned on your age when you show your ID to the bouncer

This has to be one of the most irritating things in the world. Height doesn’t necessarily correlate to our age. But, for some reason, bouncers don’t seem to understand this. We ALWAYS get questioned on our ID, but let’s take this as a compliment because we obviously look under the age of 25.

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8. Not being able to see what stop you’re at when you’re on a rush hour train, tram or underground

It feels like you are back at a gig when you are on rush hour public transport. There is nothing more irritating than this because half the time you can’t see which stop you’re at because of how crowded everything is. You also get extremely claustrophobic and stressed in situations like this when you can’t even see anything!

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9. Always being shoved in the back seats on long car journeys

Because of the length of our legs, it is a given that we are automatically going in the back seats. This is because we make space available for taller people who need to sit in the front seat. We can just cram into any small space, so why not make life nicer for other people by taking the back seat. How selfless are we?!

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10. Buying a top as a dress

Usually, some tops that are meant as tops even fit us as dresses. If we get certain tops in a size bigger, then we can actually pull them off as dresses if we want. This is a sad way to live, but the reality means we get clothes for a cheaper price. As annoying as it is that we’re this small, we need to realise that tall girls wouldn’t be able to do something like this!

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11. Being able to buy kids shoes because your feet are that small

This is a blessing and a curse. A lot of the time kids shoes aren’t as stylish as the adult ones you want to buy – and there are never any heels in the kid’s department. However, when you have a rare find of a pair of shoes you absolutely LOVE you can’t get enough because kids shoes are about half the price of adults!

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12. Get smothered in boob every time you hug a tall person

Whenever you go to hug a family member or one of your taller friends, you find that your face is at their boob height. This is extremely awkward because you have thoughts about this way before the hug has actually happened. But, there is no way to gracefully deal with this. So, you awkwardly turn your head to the side so your ear and cheek are pressed on the boob instead of going straight ahead. This is horribly awkward for you, but the person you are being hugged by won’t even bat an eyelid!

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13. Get annoyed about the fact E V E R Y O N E has to point out how small you are

This is probably the most annoying thing about being small. As if you already didn’t know how small you were, any new person that you meet has to really go out of their way to point it out to you. We are all aware that we are vertically challenged, so the last thing we need is someone pointing out the very obvious.

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14. Struggled to reach things on high shelves in the supermarket and had to get someone else to get it for you

The worst is when you go shopping on your own and need something off a higher shelf. There is nothing more irritating than having to ask someone taller than you to help you get something off a high shelf. Not only is it irritating, but it is definitely embarrassing!

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15. Have to sit AS CLOSE to the steering as possible so your legs reach the pedals

Anyone who gets in a car with us makes a comment on how close to the steering wheel we feel we have to sit. It is seriously annoying that we are so far away from the pedals. This means we sit with our chest pretty much pressed up against the steering wheel so we can just about reach the pedals. But, this is an absolute blessing for people who sit behind us in the car because their legroom is unreal.

16. Having to pretty much run when you are out and about with your tall friends because your little legs won’t walk that fast

Wherever you are with your friends you struggle so much to keep up with them – especially if they are considered really tall. You actually have to run alongside them sometime so you don’t end up miles behind them. There is nothing worse than not being able to catch up with your friends when you’re out and about. You also don’t want to be that person that asks them to slow down… so instead, you just run next to them and end up completely out of breath when you reach your destination.

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