15 Snapchats That Revealed More Than It Should Have

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There are certain times in life where you make mistakes that you just can’t rectify.

Here are 15 examples of these mistakes.

We hope you enjoy.

1 – Not ideal spelling

This is less than ideal.

2 – Always look at the background of your photos

Lol can’t beat a picture of you pooping.

3 – Nothing can really explain what is going on there.

What in gods name is going on here?

4 – The ultimate bluff…FAIL!

This guy is a complete waste of digital space.

5 – This is not good in anyones book.


6 – Erm what the hell is this!?

I wouldn’t fancy being this girl…

7 – Don’t we all. Don’t we all.

Life is always simpler through the eyes of a dog.

8 – This boy is missing out majorly!

Oh how he is going to regret having one too many drinks.

9 – When your mum loses the plot.

This mum really does need censoring.


Not ideal….at all.

11 – Oh no – one too many.

We have all been guilty of this.

12 – Less than ideal situation

Truly less than ideal situation.

13 – Naughty Doggy

Mother nature always wins.

14 – Not actually sure what is wrong here.

Nope still not sure…

15 – LOL this is just too good

Looks a bit like my brother actually.

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