14 Of The Most Unfortunate Fashion Fails

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So many fashion trends come and go, it is difficult to stay on top of what is ‘in’. But surely, even the most unfashionable of us have a slight idea of what is acceptable to wear in public and what looks absolutely ridiculous!

We have a put together a list of photos which, we are sure you will agree, should not be worn in the street! These clothing fails will either make you cringe or have you laughing out loud. From rude slogan tees, to extremely colourful fashion faux pas, you should make sure you stay clear of these fashion no-nos.


This guy’s grandma bought him this. It’s not actually as weird as it sounds. His name is Brodie Jonas so his initials are unfortunately B.J. Surely even grandmas are not that innocent. Stick to knitting please gran.

So My Name Is Brodie Jonas Dean, My Grandma Found This Shirt For Me Thinking It Was A Great Coincidence. Thanks Grandma


2. Keep Calm and… What?

Don’t worry, this is not some kind of weird staff party. We think (hope) that this lady is just standing in an unfortunate way so the T-shirts message just not that clear.

When Pub Staff T-Shirts Go Wrong


3. Zoo leggings

These leggings remind us of one of those awful drawings from sex ed. class. This is not just a coincidence that the zebras head meet exactly in the crotch.

Two Flamingos, One Vagina



Nothing quite like blowing your own trumpet that called yourself a M.I.L.F. That, or just don’t wear a cardigan!

Wife: "All Our Customers Were So Cheery Today! They All Smiled!" - And Then I Saw Her Shirt


5. Tower Trouble

Is that the Eiffel Tower or an unfortunately placed leaning tower of Pisa? It’s definitely a tower of sorts. We can’t be too sure which one. We don’t really want to look any closer.

Trollx Fabric Designer


6. Don’t be happy!

We are sure this wasn’t the advice Bob Marley gave us?

Thanks For The Advice


7. Do you fancy a Pho King tonight, love?

We find it so hard to believe that a Chinese restaurant is even called this. How is this possible?

Best Employee Shirt


8. Avoid Ann Summers if you want something cute

What an adorable little PJ set! Until closer inspection… Oh.

Thought I Brought The Cutest Little Pj Set From Ann Summers Until I Looked Closer At The Patter

9. Highly offensive or just plain crude? Take your pick!

This bright red number either says ‘Super Shitters’ Or ‘Super Hitlers’. Which would you rather?

It Says 'Super Hitters' In Case You Were Wondering


10. Ouch!

This man, who styles himself on Tiger Woods, is blissfully unaware that this brown and off-white top makes him look like he has a hugely painful Bridget-Jones-knickers style wedgie.

The Design On This Guys Shirt Makes Him Look Like He Is Walking Around With A Massive Wedgie


11. Boo!

Most of the items of clothing we have shown have been designed just very carelessly, its not sinister or deliberate. But these, these are very much intentional. It is clear to see what the creepy little animal is intended to represent.



12. Stylist Nightmare!

Just how dirty is your mind? Yes, we know you can see it. This lady sports a green, zip up jacket, black top and huge penis on her neck. Awkward!

When You See It, You Cannot Unsee It


13. This needs an explanation!

We’re not sure if its just us being behind the times or Walmart has released a new range of clothes for dwarfs, but this shorts and arm combi does not look comfortable!

How The Hell Do You Wear This?


14. Children’s clothing has become a bit weird…

We ask you, all of you. Please don’t buy this item for your child. This simply cannot be a factory mistake. This is very much deliberate.

I Guess Someone Said Fuck It On Their Last Day Of Work


Which of these clothing FAILS is the worst? Do these people actually think they look good?


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