12 Things Women Think About Men But Won't Tell Them

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No, this obviously doesn’t apply to every man on earth. But it does apply to a big group of them. We know every man and every woman is different so the generalisations below aren’t meant in an offensive way.

1. Why they act so differently around their mates when you’re not around.

Aren’t you supposed to be with someone you can call your best friend? We obviously understand that you can’t be EXACTLY the same with you as when they’re with their friends and there are a lot of blokes out there who will act the same around you but there are a lot of men out there who act completely different when they’re with their friends. it’s like they’re a different person & it’s not attractive.

2. Your shoes ARE a big deal.

Not everyone is bothered about what their man looks like and good for them. But there are a lot of us out there who will always look at a mans shoes before anything else. If they’re wearing hideous shoes, it can be a BIG turn off.

3. Why they get so freaked out when things are going well.

This applies to women also, we’re all very strange when you think about it, but this articles aimed at men & it is very true that a lot of men get freaked out & start to sabotage the relationship when things couldn’t be going better. Why is that?

4. Why they think it’s acceptable to let their nails grow.

There is nothing more off putting on a man than when they let their nails grow too long. It’s just gross.

5. Why they stop making effort once they start to feel comfortable.

We’re all guilty of this, once you get comfortable in a relationship, you stop making as much effort, but men seem to think they don’t need to give you as many compliments and they just stop saying nice things to you. Why do it in the first place if it isn’t really them? Very annoying.

6. Stop trying to replicate porn.

No one wants you to cum in their eyes or hair. It might look good on the videos but in reality, it’s gross and you end up looking like Cameron Diaz in There’s Something About Mary. Not cool.

7. Why they can’t commit to plans.

Why is it that when you ask them what they want to do Saturday, they say they’re not sure, they’ll decide on the day. NO. WE WANT PLANS YOU ARSEHOLE. We don’t care if you’re seeing your friends, but we’d like to know so we can make other plans OR we can plan something with you.

8. Why do they expect to be thanked for the littlest things?

You spend most days cleaning up after them or making your place looking nice & tidy but when they do the smallest bit of house work, put the washing out or even just clean up after themselves, they somehow expect you to bow down to them and kiss their feet.

9. They underestimate how long things will take.

A number of arguments I’ve had with my boyfriend in the airport because he doesn’t have any sense of urgency. Why can’t he understand the plane WILL leave without him? They WON’T wait for him, just because he wanted to have one last look around boots.

10. They’re happy for you to hang out with their friends but they can never be arsed hanging out with yours.

Why is it that they can never be bothered to suggest hanging out with yours, but they’re happy for you to hang out with their friends? We know men aren’t always that interested in what women have to say, but do they think we’re always interested in listening to what they have to say? NO. We don’t give a shit if you don’t agree with the amount a footballer on a random team just got transferred for…

11. They say they will do things, then don’t.

A lot of men claim that they like to build things but when it comes down to it and you ask them to build you some simple shelves in the corner of your room, it takes them half the year to get round to it.

12. It takes a huge argument or row for them to listen to you.

You can tell them time and time again to stop doing something because it annoys/upsets you but they won’t listen until you have a HUGE fight and you threaten to move out or split up with them. Why does it always take so much effort for them to actually realise what you’re saying is serious?

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